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I FOR GRAIN RAISERS. Can they make money at present prices ? ' YES! HOW? By keeping the soil rich, By cultivating it well, By using the best seed, THEN Have their Grain and Seeds Threshed, Saved and Cleaned BY THE NICHOLS & SHEPARD IBRATOR It will handle Grain and Seeds FASTER, BETTER and CLEANER, than any other Thresher. It will save enough extra grain (which other machines will waste) to pay all threshing expenses, and often three to five times that amount. It will Clean the Grain and Seed so much better that you can get an extra price for it. It will do your work so much QUICKER, so much CLEANER, and so free from WASTE, that you will save money. SuchThreshing Machinery is made only by THE CREAT Germán RemedyJ mTRUTHSF0RTHE8ICK. Hl F.r thi'.-r di-atlilyl í 1,000 will 1O :iltl I II IlInüiousSpellsdepenil for a case where Sr L- lunSULPi:L'KUlTTLBS PUUR BITTERS Willlll lit will cure you. not asstst or cure. It F3 nn,n,..i1irf,tthetcr"118pi Ithattiredandallgone cieanseüie vitiatedm feeling; If bo, use i)]oo(1 when you set. I SULPHUR BiTTEES; its impnritles burstHI II cure yuu. nfr through the skinl II Operativos who are in Pimples.BlotchesJ I shops;clerks,whodo lml hcaltl1 will folSÍ I Inot procure sulücient ---III llexercise, and all who o... „,,,,,, „„„„ I lareconflned Ín doors, wi„LcL' " LLlv(LcoSf I I llahould se Siilpiiur oiint nont he XI I Hl Bitters. They will uAe?itiiIlcureLl gjnot theu beweakand u! s ' ltwmcureg D If you ilo not wish ÍÍF '-1'.'"' R BiTTEitsIfl III to sufferfi-om n'11,1 bllll(1 ya UP an3l I llatism.nseabottle of make you strongandl I III Stjlphür Bitters ; henlthy. II Ijjitnever fausto cure, sulphcr BirrERsl m Don't lie without a will make yourbloodSS ïfibottle. Try it; you pure, rih and strong,tij U will not regret it. añil your flesh hard. ITI III Ladieij In delicate Trj Sclphur IlIT-l II III he.iltti, who are all nCB8 to-night, andl lllrundown, shoulJiise you wil! sleep welllll fUSüLPHi'R Bitters. vi feel better for it. III Do you want the best Medical Work publlshed? Send S 2-ecnt etamps to A. P Ordwat & CoH Boston, Slass., and receive a copy, free. THE FIGURE "9." The figure 9 in our dates will make a long staf. No man or woman now living will ever date 8 iocuraent without using the figure 9. It stand in the third place in 1890, where t will remain tet years and then move up to secoud place in 1900 where it will rest for one bundred years. There is another "9" which has also come tostay It is unlike the figure 9 in our dates in the respect that it has already moved up to flrst place, when it will permanently remain. It is called the "No 9" High Arm Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Machine The "No. 9" was endorsed for flrst plnoe by tbí experts of Europe at the Paris Exposition of 1889 where, after a severocontest with the leading ma chines of the world, it was awarded the onl; Grand Prize given to family sewing machines, ai ethers on exhibit having received lower awardt of gold medals, etc. The French Government also recognized its superiority by thedecoration of Mr. Nathaniel Wheeler, Presidentof thecompany, with the Cross of the Legión of Honor. The "No. 9" is not an old machine improved upon, but is an entirely new machine, and the Grand Prize at Paris was awarded it as the grandest advance in sewing machine mechanism of the age. Those who buy it can rest assured, there. lore, of having the very latest aud best. WHEELER & WILSON JTFG OOi, 185 and 187 Wabash Ave., Chicago Sold by J. P. SCHÜH, Ann Arbor.


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