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iFREEEpitOTÖNSl 1 4Í GlRLsí A Special Offer to the Young Women of America to Secure a Ll FREE COLLEGE EDUCATIONg if COMPLETE EDUCATION AT VASSAR COLLEGE, wgL?iL S To any young girl of 16 years or orer, who will - from this date until January „Y ist, 1891 - send us the largest number of yearly subscribers to ï Cl7JV 7;Wratioo per year, we will give as a v KSilr J. tr 1 reward a complete education at Vassar l O ffPY 1 College, including all expenses of JJ -"' v tion, board, &c, for an entire course; # or if she prefers, she may choose Wellesley, Smith, or any f tOthér American College. This offer means a complete 7" catión in every branch of study, The Ladies' Home Journal 'y' ïying all expenses. LL. % A CHANCE FOR AN EDUCATION FOR ALL GRLS. fe Ou y Sprniirf ( We wil1 also as a second offer. SWr iJCLUrtU 1 give toanygirl of 16 years or over, V O ffPY I w wi" - between now and Jan. OCC ist, 189 1, send us 1,000 subscrib- ers to The Ladies' Home Journal, at #1.00 per year, a full Li single term of one year at Vassar College, or any other L 2 can College she may select. A term means a full year 's study, Owe guaranteeing to meet the entire expenses thereof du ring ithe year Send at once for circular of nformathn, Sample copies, ie. f APRIL number NOW REAUY. On the news stands- 10 cents a copy. &- ï We offer The Ladies' Home Journal rC ff e JJ from now to July ist, on trial for-'ny 0 VtS.. jas an experiment, and to introduce into thousands of families L jnot already familiar with the handsomest illustrated A Mical ín the world for Ladies and the family. X} PHILADELPHIA, PA. J


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