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The second annualbanquet of the Michigan University Alumni Association of the Southwest was held at the Coates house, in Kansas C ty, last Friday evening, and the event was even more successful than the meeting of lest year. The bsnquet was superb, aad nothing was left undone by the alumni to make the event a pleasant memory to those who attended. Among those present ,were : President James B. Ar.gell, Prof. Calviu Thomas, Prof. Henry C. Adams, Prof. Frederick N. Sxtt, Prof. Martin L. D Ooge of the University faculty ; A. P. Wood of Omaha, II. Tucker and Willis II. Davis of Iowa, John H. Couch of Fort Scott, Kas , J. W. Maokey of Palmyr, Mo., Hcm r Stanford ot Kalamazoo, John Sopher of St. Louis, J. C. Groodale of Kalamzoo, A. B. Quinlon of Topeka, E. B. Farley of Dubuque, H. II. Carney of Iowa Uity, E. E. Branden of St. Louis, George R. Hewitt of Alton, II!., M. Swenson and A. N. Walburn of Fort Scott, Kas., Jefferson Chandlcr and J. E. McKeigan of St. Louis. Previous to the baoquet a reception was held in the parlors of the Coates. Chief Juatice Albert H. Horton, of Kansas, acted as Uastmaster, and the toesta and re gponses were as follows: "The University," President James B. Angelí; "Alumni Responsibilities," Sidney C. Eastman, president of the University of Michigan Alumni asseciation of Chicago; "The univereity in practical affairs," Prot. Henry Adatns, statistician of the inter state commission and professor of politie! economy in the University of Michigan, "The University in the Occident," Hon. W. C. Ransom, deputy comnmsioner of railways of the state of Michigan ; "Was it worth while ?" J. E. McKiegan, of St Louis; poero, Hon. Joel Moody, Kmsley, Kas. ; "Where is the Life, that Late I Led?" Frederiok N. Scott, professor ot rhetoric in the University of Michigan ; "Industrial unión of the South and West," Hon. Jefferson Chandler, of St. Louis ; "The dignity of judges," Hon. William R. Smilh, of Atchison, Kas.; "Today," Hon. William Warner, of Kansas City; "UniversUy education in Missouri," Al exander Martin, dean of the law df partment of the State universtity at Columbia.


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