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Why Should It Be Thus?

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Editor Registeu : The Board of Edu catión of this city deserve a lively shaking up. For years this Board has been a strictly "close oorpration." It is true that in September of each year the voters are permitted to assemble, and cast their votes for three membera of the Board. But almost uniformly the candidates presented are either the members whose trms of service are about to expire, or others selected by the Board. Tne result is, i hit in effect the Board, tbrough the apathy of the people manages to continue itself in office, from year to year, until that set of men have öome to think that they own the city so far as school matters are concerned. The public are not allovved to kuow any thing about the proceediogs of the Board. Inasmuch as the money raised by taxation to be expended by this Board, comprises nearly one-half of the whole sum of the city, county, and sta'e taxes, it appears to me that the public are entitled to know how this money is expeuded. Perhaps I am blind, and that others are able to pee what is invisible to me, but in many years' residenee in this city, during which time I have been a eubscriber to and reader of all of the local papers, I have never seen one line of prooeedings of the Board of Education other than a list of the teachers appointed. In my opinión, the time has come, when the people should arise in their might nd infuse some new blood into this "close Corporation," and give some of the oíd fogies a chance to rest from their arduous labor of re-electing themselves, and give the moss on their backs an opportunity to grow. Respectfully, Ann Arbor, May 27, 1890.


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