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The University Field Day

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The field day on Saturday was a success finar cially, if ín no other way. The price of admifsion was increased to fifty c-itits, and as about 1,000 ptople were present the Base Ball Associetion wil! clear neatly $400. As an athletic event the day was far from iuccecsful. An entire lack of management prevailed, which in itself was enough to discourage the Urge audienoe. This t( gether with the rainy weather, the poor track and the absence of many entries by U. of M. boys weut to ranke up a po;r ñeid day, and had it not been for the hearty way in which the Detroit Athletic Club t-ok hold and the large number of emries made by the members of this club, the event would have proven a failure. The only close contest oí the day was the hundred yards dsh, the final of wh'ch was between Owen, of Detroit, and Jewett, of Notre Dame, and was as pretty a race as was ever run. The sparring matches degeneratad into "slug ging" matches of the worat kind, and should be a lesson to those hoving these affair.s in charge either to see that the nantestants spar lor points or leave them (ff the program hereaiter. The followirig were the winners of tle various contesta. Broad sword- R. L. Farrand and P. D. McNaughton, draw. lüu yards dash- First híat won b7 John Owen, Jr., D. A. 0., lime 11 seconds; second heat won by Harry Jeweit, Notre Dame, 11 1-5 secouds ; final heat won by Oweu by a loot. time 11 seconds. Lightweight wrestling- Won by A. W. Dusef, Ypsilanti. Throwing the hammcr- Won by J. R. Jenkins, Ypsilami, distance 88 feet and 9 luches. '20 yards run- Won by Kobert Beathie, D. A. C. time, 21 3-5 seconds. Middluweight wrefetiing- J. H. R. Wagner, D. A. C, by defauli. Middleweight sparring- Won by Wm. Vhay, I). A. u., defeatiuK Artlmr Frantzen and S. C. Glidden. Running hop, s.tep and jump- Harry Jewett, Notre Dame ; distance, 40 eet 8 inches. Hitch and kiek- F. C. Hinchman, D. A. C, hight, 8 feet 4 inches. Lightweight sparring- A. A. Deyre, U. of M. Fi ur hundred and forty yards' run- R. A. ward, D. A. C, flrat; William Gregg, D. A. C, second. Kencing- Pedro Delvalle U, of M. Putting shot- J. E. Jenkius, Ypstlanti, distance, 34 feet 10 iuches. Staadiug broad ump- Ford Norlh, D. A. C. and Fred Ducharme, I). A. C, tied and North won on iinal. Pole voHlt- Guy Haywood, D. A. C. Standing higb jump- Fred Ducharme, D, A. C. Heavyweight wrestling- K. A. Meeker, D, A., C, by default. Running high jump- Ned Ducharme, D. A. C, 5 feet iy inches. Rumuiïg broad jump- Harry Jewett, Notre Dame, l'J feet.


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