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At ten I ion, O. A. K. Headquarters Grand Aemy oftiie) RXFCBUO, JJETKO1T, Aprimih, 'SW J Q EM kka l Order, No. 13. Again Memorial Day wlll cali us to absemble to pay our tribute of respect, love and veneration for the heroie dead. JNo sight so quickena the heartof the veteran as to 6ee íhe cnildren with thelr baskets of flowers at the graves of hfs comrades. W'hy is it that we observe Memorial Day alter the lapse of these many yeare? No legislature ordered it;no goyernor direeted it, jet in every state of this Uuion, It is religiously and reverently observed. It is a custom no other nation or people ever followed. All nations have honored their soldiery; Ihey have weleomed home their vlctorious armies wlth many demonstratioiis of love and affection . Monumento have been reared to perpetúate thelr memories. It has been left to the American volunteer soldiery to inaugúrate Memorial Day. Better than all monuments, better than all triumphal arches, better than all statues, is this beautiful trihute. Better by far that this country have no grauite shafts than to forget Ihis sacred day. It is a living, breathing pairiotlsm renewed each year. It is a monument rebuilt annually In the hearts of the people. Granite or bronze monument? are erectcd but once. It is by far the best lesson of loyalty that could be taught to the children who are so soon to be the men and women of the naBetter for the Nation that lts children and youth remember this day than that it have armies as large as those of all Europe. No war of disunion will come to this country so long as it observes Memorial Day, which, securely intrenched in the hearts of the people, will niake the government saler than a myriad of forts bristlins; with cannon. It maters little how large or small may be our sUuding-army, if we veto the people the eduealion this day teaches. It is a day which the people themselves ereated. It is fouuded upon the best and holiest sentiments of our nature. At Getlysburg Lincoln said : " We have come to dedícate a porlion of this field as the fiual resting place for those who gave up their lives thnt the nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this. But in a larger sfiise we canuot dedícate, we cannot consécrate we cannot hallow this ground." And so each year. on Ihe 30th of May, as we gather to dedícate anew the hallowed ground, where rest the brave - we, in a higher sense, cannot dedícate, we cannot consécrate, we cannot hallow ihe ground -the brave men who on a bundred battle fields, gave their livcs that the nation mlght survive, have consecrated it far beyond our power to add or detract. It for us to dedícate oureelves to the work of perpeiuating the Union they preservect - the country they faved- 1 the end that their devotlon, which ended wlth their lives shall not have been in vain. It is eamestly recommended that such posts as canuot jointly attend Memorial Services at the cemeteries, or other apDropriate places, hold such eervlcee in their post halls or other convenient places, and invite all patrlotic citizens to Join them. By order of R. A. ALGER, Commander-in-Chief. üeo. H. IorKi!is, Adjutant-Oeneral.


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