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r The measles are having a run in Webster. Mrs. A. H. Hotchkiss, a pioneer of Saline, died there on the 21st. There will be three graduates of the Chelsea high school this year. The government has furnished twelve headstonee for soldiere who are buried at Chelsea. The June meeting of the Webster Farmers' Club will be held at the residence of President Olsaver. Harris Bros., of Ypsilanti, bel i e ve in accommodating their customers. They have placed a drinking fountain m their etore. Mr Thomas Howlett, of Munith, has a chicken with web feet. He thinks it an improvementon gardening.- Chelsea Herald. Howell and South Lyon are both organizing base ball clubs, and trouble may be expected to begin most any time now. The Patrons of Industry had a big time at Milan, Saturday. Eighteen assodations were represented at the gathering. The streets in Saline are to be permanently improved this summer. That's the right thing to do. Good roads attract trade. The Baptists of Saline contributed $15 towards paying the funeral expenses of little Jakie Howard, who was killed last week. The Ypsilanti fair will open Sept. 16. The fair in Ann Arbor will be arranged so that there will be no conflict between the two places this year. Prof. W aller, who hhs been superintendent of the Dexter school during the past year, will take charge of the schools at Colfax. Wash., next year. The Ypsilanti citizens came down Hberally at the recent meeting of the Y. M. C. A. At one meeting the contributions amounted to $195.59. The Norvell and Southern Wash tenaw Farmers' Clubs will hold a joint meeting at the residence of L. D. Watkins, near Manchester, on Saturday. L. McDonald has been awarded the contract of carrying the mails atBrightton. If he does the job well for a year, he willreceive $135 from Uncle Sam. Clark Treat, a ten-year-old South Lyon boy, nearly blew his hand off with his father's gun, which he "didn't know it was loaded," one day last week. A May Festival was giyen by the Methodists of Ypsilanti, Tuesday evening. A cantata, "The Crown of the Year," was rendered by a chorus of flfty voices. The heavy rains of the past month have proven a serious drawback to the planting of spring crops, and farmers are wondering when they will get a chance to plant their corn. South Lyon Excelsior: Joe Hetley has just sold Barney, the most promising four-year-old colt owned in South Lyon for many years, John Van Atta was the purchaser for $250. Co. H., 4th Kegt., of Ypsilanti, preeented their former commander, Capt. Chas. Hemphill, with a handsome goldmounted sword last week. He is now an offleer on the staff of Gen. Brown. Mr. Henry Todd has purchased a fine monument weighing over six tons, of Jackson parties, and will erect it on his lot in the Hamburg cemetery next week. - Base Dexter Leader. Accordine to their annualcustom,the Ma80nic fraternity of Manchester will decórate the graves of their deceased brethren next Sunday. Right Eminent Grand Commander Doty will deliveran address. The value of sheep killed in this county by worthless curs, this spring, already amounts to hundreds of dollars, and the season appears to be just opening. A handy shot gun is the best medicine for these dogs. Saline Observer: Oui village is out of debt and has some rnoney in the treasury, notwithstanding a $3,000 engine house and an $80(1 vault having been built and paid for within the past two years. A good showing. Samuel Weinet's house, south of town, narrowly escaped cremation a íew days eince. The fire originated from a chimney and had made quite a hole in the roof when discovered and extinguished. - Saline Observer. The following officers of the Ypsilanti Y. W. C. A. have been chosen : President, Mary Lockwood ; vice-president, Lutie Densmore ; Recording secretary, Edith Jones; Corresponding secretary, Anna Zacharias; treasurer, Kittie Dennis. Sentinel : Three artesian wells have been bored on the farm of Mr. J. B. Steere, in Pittsfield, one of which is a spouter throwing up a stream big enough to form a liltle river. They had better stop that kind of work, or they wilt be tapping Ypsilanti's celebrated water supply. Fruit trees should not be sprayed till the blossonis fall. The poison kills bees that may visitthe trees and poisons the honey, thus endangering life. The re6ults, we learn, will be just as satisfactory so far as the insects are concerned, if the spraying is delayed until the falling of the blossoms. Saline Observer: A Lodi sportsman evidently so well (?) posted on game that he couldn't teil Mrs. Burkle's flock of tame ducks from a flock of canvass backs, banged away at them last week and succeeded in nearly annihilating them. He was caught in the act and agreed to pay for them. A gentleman named Green, from Jackson, was here on Tuesday last looking over the ground with a view to starting a clothing store here. - Manchester Enterprise. Judging from the article in the Enterprise of the previous week the man must be " green" indeed i f he contemplatesengaging in business there Pinckney Diupatcli : One day lasl week while the straw balers were engaged at Jas. Reilly's some dissatisfaction arose in regard to the price to be paid for the straw. Reilly forbid the parties taking the straw they had balee and paid for, and taking everything he could lay his hands on attetnpted to hold possession. The company, five in number, was too much for James, took the straw and all is lovely now. Chelsea Herald: A colored man, minus one leg, feil from a freight train near the gravel pit, east of town last Saturday night, and was brought nere Sunday morning, where his wounds, whlch were not very serious, were dresaed by Drs. Palmer and Wnglit. He was taken to the cuunty house Monday. At the Josenhans golden wedding last week, a piano given them as a wedding present 50 years before, was used to furnish music. Mr. and Mrs. Josenhans are 75 and 69 years of age respectively and are the parents of sixteen children, twelve of whom are livinc. and all but two were present on


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