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Messrs. Harper & Brothers have ready Patteh in Prose, illustrated by 150 drawings (including a frontispiece in color) by H. W. McVickar. "Pastel in Prose" is the term used to desígnate a striking species of literary composition. ranging from the dramatic to the lyrical in character, and in some instances resembhng the story in form. It is almost wholly new in English literature, but of late years it has been carried to a high depree of development in France. This volume contains eramples translated by Stuart Merrill from the French of Theodore de Banville, Alfonse Daudet, Judith Gautier, Charles Baudelaire, Catulle Mendes, Maurice de Guerin, Stéphane Mallarmé, Emile Her.nequin, and others. MM. Catulle Mendès and Stéphane Mallarmé furnished the translator final proof-sheets of selections from their new volume, and MM. Ephraim Mikhaël, Pierre Quillard, and Achule Delaroche each wrote a " pastel " esliecially for the volume. W. D. Howells contributes an introduction. Harper & Brothers, New York. Every admirer of Robert Browning will want a copy of the Magazine of Art for May. In this number Mr. W. M. Rossetti gives the first of a series of papers on " Portraits of Robert Browning." There are five portraits of Browning and one of his wife. Mr. Rossetti writes very interestiugly of Browning, liis acquaintance with whom dates back to 1853. Anotherarticle interesting to lovers of Browning will be found in this number. It is on " Helm, the Town of the ' Pied Piper,' " by Katherine S. Macquoid. " Newlyn and the Newlyn School," is a description by pen and pencil of a new artists' headquarters- a sort of English Brittany. " ïhe Passion of Our Lord as Depicted at the National Gallery " gives somegjod reproductions from the old masters. The frontispiece is an etching by Rajon, aftering Sir Joshua Reynolds. Cassell Publishing Company, 35 cents a number $3.50 a year in advance. The Home Magazine, conductedby Mrs. John A. Logan, has in ihe May number, portraits of Bismarck, Caprivi, Gen. Crook. An illustraled article on Rome, by Mrs. Logan. Finely illustrated description of the interior of the Blaine Home. A Sketch of Amelia B. Edwards, with portrait. Bright Bits from Bright Books, with extractsfrom " A New England Girlhood." Washington Society Notes. Memorial Day. Illustrated articles on Home Dreas-making. The Dining Room with Spring Soups, and Recipes. Mothers' Page, and Children's Page full of bright stores and pictures, and many other good things to:) numerous to mention. All for six cents a number, The Home Magazine sent for three rnonths' trial subscription for ten centssilverorstamps. Tryit. Address: - The Brodix Publishing Co., Washington, D. C. The Bookbuytr for May contains a "Sketch of Mark Twain, with Portrait," and a review of some of the best and newest books. Among these, "Pastéis in Prose," translated from the French by Stuart Merrill is worthy of especial notice. Illustrations are numerous and artistic, corresponding with the little prose poems that they are intended to accompany. The book is a new one, published by Harper & Brothers. Tastes of various new books are given us, and the usual departments are kept up with vigor. The Bookbuyer, Charles Scribner's Sons. New York. $1.00 a year. A twenty-flve cent edition of " Marie Bashkirtseff, the Journal of a Young ArÜ8t" is announced for publication on May 15th, by the Cassell Publishing Company. It contains the same matter as the two-dollar edition and has the portrait of the young Russian girl on the cover.


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