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The Of I. Hals the most important crisis of a woman's life. It occurs usually between the ages of forty and fifty years. That woman who passes it in safety will in all probability live many years, enjoying the best health of her life. The elightest neglect or mismanagement means untold wretchedness the rest of her days. Pe-ru-na is the favorite remedy in these cases, as it not only palliates the disagreeable symptoms during the trying ordeal, but guards the system from the many chronic ailments which are Hable to set in. Pe-ru-na promptly relieves the nervousness, sleeplessness, throbbing, hemorrhage, rush of blood to the head, palpitation, indigestiĆ³n, painful menstruation, leucorrhoea, and faint spells, from which most of these patients suffer. It acts as a preventivo against dropsy, heart disease, enlargement of the liver, and kidney diseases, which are so frequently acquired at this time. No one passing through this un avoidable epoch ought to be without Pe-ru-na, for it is in every particular adopted to the different phases of it, and contains no opium or other narcotic. An instructive lecture to women in this condition by Dr. S. B. Hartman sent free by the Peruna Medicine Company of Columbus, Ohio.


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