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THE BAPTISTS. Chicago, May 23. - At yesterday morning's session of the American Baptist Publioation Society the following officers were elected: President, Samuel A. Crozer, of Hennsylvania; Vice-Presidents, Rev. Thomas Armitage of New York, Colonel James A. Hoyt of South Carolina, Edward Goodman ofIllinois, Joshua Levering of Maryland; Secretary, Rev. Benjamin Grifflth, D. D. ; Recording Secrotary, A. J. Rowland, D. D.; Treasurer, Colonel Charles H. Banz, and a long list of managers. The report of the committee on catechatical work, recommending the publication of a catechism as supplemental to the New Testament teaching of the Sundayschool was adopted. The afternoon session was devoted to a joint meeting of the American Baptist Foreign Missionary Societies, with headquarters respectively at Boston and Chicago. Mrs. A. J. Howe, of Chicago, presided. Reports from the secretaries of the two organizations showed great good being accomplished by the efforts of their missionaries. Mrs. Carson, who has been a missionary in India for seventeen years; Mrs. William Ashmore, who has been a missionary to China, and Mrs. C. H. G. Fisher, at Tokio, reponed upon their flelds. Rev. L. Cyrenelle, D. D., of Detroit, Mich., delivered an address on "The Poetry of Missions." Chicago, May 24. - The American Baptist Missionary Union held itssixtysixth annual session yesterday in Immanuel Baptist Church. The treasurer's reporj showed receipts of S550.537, and liabilities of 8567,409. Kev. G. W. Northrup, of Illinois, was re-elected president. Duiing the last year the Union supported 331 missionaries, 1,736 preachers, 1,361 churches. During the first year of its life there were little over 500 members, now there are 138,293 members of the mission churches. Chicago, May 26.- At the meeting of the American Baptist Missionary Union on Saturday further ports from missionaries were beard. The obituary record was read, and resolutions of respect were passed. Fraternal greetings were sent to the assembly of the Presbyterian Church. The convention decided to hold its next session at Philadelphia. Rev. Dr. Galusha Anderson, of Morgan Park, 111., was selected to deliver the anniversary sermón, with Rev. John Gordou, of Portland, Ore., as altérnate. The comraittee on enrollnient reported the presence of 270 life raembers, fifty annual members and 513 delegates. Chicago, May 27.- The fifty-eighth anniversary of the ISaptist American Home Missionarv Society was held yesterday at the Immanuel Baptist Church. The receipts of the year were 8449,444 and the expenditures $892,169. The annual report of the executive board showed more missionaries than ever before and nearly three times the number of three years ago, and a gratifying increase in the number of churches and school buildings. THE PKEKBYTKKIANS. Saratoga, N. Y., May 24. The important business before the Presbyterian Assembly yesterday was the consideration of a resolution providing for a committee on revisión. The moderator named a committee of seven to take all papers refcn-ing to the question and report back to the General Assembly this morning. Sara too a, N. Y., May 26.- The Presbyterian General Assemblyon Saturday agreed to appoint a commission to formúlate amendments to the "Confession of Faith," the commission to report to the general assembly of 1891. Sakatoga, N. Y., May 27. - In the Presbyterian General Assembly yesterday a report recommending that women be allowed to serve as deaconesses was adopted. Detroit was selected as the next place of meeting. T.IÍK METHODISTS. St. Louis, May 24. - Dr. Haygood, ths newlyconsecrated Bishop, presided over the general conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South yesterday. The report of the committee recommending that the board of church extensión establish asystem of mutual insurance for churches was adopted. St. Louis, May 26. - In the conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South on Saturday a resolution was adopted declaring the Scripturalground to be the only true one for divorce.


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