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The c-nsu enuinerators will start at heir wo:k -oon and that our readers may )9 prep-tieil to answer the many questions wiiic'.i vili Dh aked, we print be!ow the offuial q-i. s i(i;;s of the scliedule regarding ho populanoa aml the sicial'staustics : I. Chriftlan name in ful), súmame aud inttials of middle ïmrue. ?. WheLner u. soldier, sailor, or marine during he civil war (U. S. or (Xmf.), or widow ol such erson. 3 holationship to head of fannly. i. Whether rotte, blacK, ïnulatto. quadroon, ictorooa, Chinese, Japanese.or ludían. 5, Sex. (i. Ase at nearest birthday. If under one year, give age in months. 7. Whether single, marricd, widowed or diorced. 8. Whether married during the census year June 1. 1SS9, to May 31, 1890). 9. Motber of how many children,.and number of these ehildren living. 10. Pl&ee of birth. II. Place of birth of father. 12. Place of birth of mother. 13. Number of years in the United States. 14. Whether naturalized. 15. Whether naturalization papers have been aken out. 16. I'rofession, trade, or occupation. 27. Months unemployed during the census year (June 1, 1889, to May 31, 1890). 18. Attendauce at school (in months) during he census year (June 1, 1889, to May 31,1890). 19. Alle to read. 20. Able to write. 21. Able to speak English. If not, the language or dialect spoken. 22. Whether suffering from acute or chronic disease, with name of Sisease and length of time afflicted. 23. Whether defective in mlnd, sight, hearing, or speech, or whether crippled, maimed or deformed, with name of defect. 24. Whether a prisoner, convict, jharmless child, or pauper. 25. Supplemental so.hedule and page 26. Is tne house you live in hired, or )s it owned by the head or by a member of the famil y? 27. If owned by head or member of family, is Jie home free from mortgage incumbrance ? 28. If the head of the family Is a farmer, is the 'arm whtch he cultivates hired. or is it owned by iim or by a member of hls family ? 29. If owned by head or member of family, is Jie farm free from mortgage incumbrance? 30. If the home or farm is owned by head or member of family, and mortgaged, give the post-office ac"dre68 of owner.


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