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The Beautiful Guild

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AL VIN WILSEY, ESQ., Ann Arbor, Mioh. Dear Sir:- We purchased a Guild Piano of you nearly (or quite) nineteen years ago. We also purohaaed a Boardman & Gray of you four years ago. If the B. & G. will do as good servioe as the Guild has we will be perfectly satisfled with it. Thus far, however, the Guild has stood better, and required lesa tuning than the Boardman & Gray. Yours truly, South Lyon, Mich., Maroh, 189O. wil, DOTY. Mr. W. F. Grifflth, of Howell, (in the employ of Farrand, WiUiams & Clark, of Detroit), has just decided on a "Guild," after looking the field over pretty srenerally. Said a teacher of many years experienoe, " it is the best Upright Piano I have ever seen." It is the best selling Piano I have ever sold ; for the reason that it is a PERPEOT Piano at a REASONABLE price. Sold for cash or on easy monthly or quarterly payments, I have sold a good many "Guild" Pianos. Every one without exception, has given complete satisfaotion. They are EXQUTSITELY flnished and please the most fastidious customer. I say emphatically that I have never seen a more perfeot piano In detail, AT ANY PRIOE, BEARING ANY NAME. Finished in mahogany, walnut, rosewood' etc. See them before you buy. Prioes reasonable. Over 25,000 in use. Have been manufactured in Boston nearly thirty yeare. AL VIN WILSE Y, State Agent.


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