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Every Enterprising Thresherman knows that the threshing machine that will work the most rapidly, clean perfectly, and save all the grain will bring him the best jobs and best prices, and so he will Write now to at once investígate our claim that beats anything heretofore made in all these and other points. The wide-awake Farmer will also get our circulars and satisfy himself whether he can afford to have his grain wasted by other threshers when he can make money by having his grain threshed with the New Vibrator. Our pamphlet giving full information about Threshing Machinery and Traction Engines sent on application. %Tk Greatest Blood Purifier& KNOWN. # I I Thls Great Germán Medicine !s the#. II lllchcnpest and best. ] 2S doses of SVL-W o II JPHUHBllTEHSfortl.00,les8than# 'J II one cent a dose. It will cure t-w fe Q worst cases oí BMn dlsease, tromW tn a cninmon pimple on the ïaveW íf gj ■Uto that awful (iisease Scrofula. 5T IIDSULPHUR BITTEUS is thej II III best medicino to use iu nlW " III cases of such stubborn :id#ynl,r -, II Hldeep Beated diseases. Do#neys are out I II ■Uuot ever take #of order r se III IBLUE PILLS sulphurQ ormercury.theyaredead15 L ■ , "III the purest and best#yause medicine ever made . JB]p,Br Bitten ! Ij öwithayellowsücky#Don'tvraituntil you ES H suusta'nee? lsyour#are uiiable to walk, or Hl lbreath foul and#are flat on your back, III offensive ? Your#out get some at onre, lt III stomach is outJrwill cure you. Sulphurll M of order. Usc#Bitters 13 q SUmTÏi;RsThe Inralid's Friend. SS ESlmmo'liatcly Wthd yomig.the aged and L II Is your lT-#tering are Boen made wcll by III ine thick.its use. Kememher what you III III ropy, clo-jread here, it may Bave your III UI udy, orm(e, it has saved hundreds. #Dou't wait until to-niorrow, I f M Try a Bottle To-day ! E3 15" m Are you low-spirited and weak,[ 3 Mor BuüeVinff f rom the oxoesses tfl a#youth? If so, SULPUUR iSITXKBül II 'Wwill cure you. . Send 3 2-cent stampa to A. I'. Ordway . ('o-. Lïostoii, Mads. for best medical work publihcU ? THE FIGCKE "9." The figure 9 in our dates will a long stajl No man or woman now living will ever date s document without using the flgure 9. It standf in the third place in 1890, wheru it will remain tor years ajid then move up to secoud place in 1900 where It will rest for one hundred years. There is another "9" which lias also como to stay It is unlike the figure 9 in our dates in the respecJ that it has already moved up to flrst place, when it will permanently remain. It is called the "No 9" High Arra Wheelei it Wltoon Sewing Machine The "No. 9" was endorsed for first plaee by the experts of Europe at the Paris Exposition of 1889 wherc, after a severecontest with the leading ma chines of the world, it was awardi the onl; Grand Prize given to family sewing machines, ai ethers on exhibit having recnived lower awardt of gold medals, etc. The French Government also reoognized its superiority by thcdecoration ot Mr. Nathaniel Wheeler, President of the Gompuny, with the Cross of the Legión of Honor. The "No. 9" is not an old machine improved upon, but is an entirely new machino, and the Grand Prize at Paris was awarded it as the grand est advance in sewing machine mecnanism of tho age. Those who buy it can rest assured, there. lore, ot having the very latest and best. WHEELEK & WILSON 1TFG 00., 185 and 187 Wabaah Ave., Chicago Sold by J. F. SCHÜH, Ann Arbor.


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