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SENATlt Washington, May 21. - In the Senate yesterday a bilí waa introduced for the establishment of a land-loan bureau In the Treasury Department. The bill subjectinjj imported liquors to the provisions of the laws of the several States was discussed. A joint resolution was introduced proposing a new article for the constitution providing that neither the United States nor any State shall pass any law authorizing the establishment or maintenance of any lottery or distribution of prlzes by chance. Eemarks in eulogy of the character and public services of the late William D. Kelley were made by Senators Cameron, Morrill, Reagan, Sherman, Hampton, Hawley and Daniel. Washington, May 22. - Argumenta on the silver bill were made in the Senate yesterday, and the "original package" bill, Intended to nullify the effect of the recent decisión of the United States Supreme Court, was discussed. Washington, May 23. - In the Senate yesterday bilis were reported favorably making it a felony for any person offlclally connected with an election to ohange the returns of elections, and to prohibit the printing of advertisements on the flag of the United States. The credentials of Calvin S. Brice as Senator from Ohio for six years, commenclng March 4, 1891, wera presented. The silver bill was discussed. Washington, May 24.- In the Senate yesterday the naval appropriation bill was discussed and the tariff bill was received from the House. Washington, May 2ö. - The naval appropriation bill was further considered in the Senate on Saturday, and it waa decided that the bill subjecting imported liquors to the provisions of the laws of the several States should be taken up on the 27th and its consideration continued until disposed of. The credentials of John G. Carlisle as Senator from Kentucky for Mr. lieck'sunexpired term, which commenced March 4, 1889, were placed on file. Washington, May 27. - In the United otates Senate yesterday a bill was introduced to próvido for the purchase of Silver for use as lawful money, and the naval appropriation bill was passed. John G. Carlisle took the oath of office as Senator from Kentucky. i j.. HOUSE. Washington, May 21.- In the House yesterday the bill to forbid the bringing into a State of liquor in original packages where the State law prohibita Buch importation was considered and the debate on the tariff bill was ended. ir, Washington, May 22. - In the House yesterday the McKinley tariff bill was passed by a vote of 162 to 142, all the Kepublicans present except Mr. Coleman, of Louisiana, and Mr. FeatherBtone, of Arkansas, voing for it, and all the Democrats against it. ..; bt Washington, May 23. - In the House yesterday a bill was introduced reducIng to one cent an ounce or fraction thereof the postage on drop letters in 'cities of 100,000 inhabitants or over. A bill to punish census enumerators who ehall accept fees other than their regular pay was passed. The river and harbor bill ($20,932,000) was discussed, and a bill was favorably reported proposing a constitutional amendment granting the rlghtof suffrage to women. p Washington, May 24. - Bills were introduced in the House yesterday subjecting oleomargarine to the provisions of the laws of the several States, and to provide for the survey of an intercontinental railway to connect North and South America. Tho river and harbor bill was further considered. At the evening session forty-two private pension bilis were passed. Washington, May 26. - In the House on Saturday a bill was introduced to increase the pay of letter-carriers after three years' service. The river and harbor bill was considered, and an effort to kill tho llennepin canal appropriation was defeated. Washington, May 27. - In the House yesterday the greater part of the day was given to the consideration of the District of Columbia bilis.


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