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WHAT SCQTT'S consümption EMULSIÓN SSS2SSITIS CURES WaítingLiseaseí Wondert ui Fleeh Producer. llany hav gaine d on e pound par daj brits use. Scott's Emulsión is not a secret ramedy. It contain the stimulating proporties of tha Hypophosphites and pur Norwegian Cod Lirar Oil, the potencj of both being largelr increased. It is usad by Physicians all orar the world. PALATABLE A3 MILK. Soïd by all Druggists. COTT A.BOWNC,Chmlsts.N.Y. Welf Drilling Machinery SOLD ON TRIAL, rt Ko Cash Payment- or settlement of any f A kind- untll aftar a Èjk SATISFACTORY TEST. M Machinery and Tools ml I I Guaranteed to make Wells X I " anywhere, il I andattherato of 3 ft. toeveryñft. Hl by any other machine, or no sale, til I THE BEST'w.y fl I THE CHEAPEST. I II I VJYjSend for Catalogue.g}13 Empire Well Auger Co., ithaca. n. y. BUTSBY & SÏABOLT 3STOS. 6 .JSTID 8 Washington Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Have alwayn on hand a complete Stoet of eren thins In t aa GROCERT LINE! Teas, Coffees and Sugars All prime Anieles boaght for Canil and ran de 1 atlow figures. Our frequent iarge fuvoioee oi "■Vias is a sure stgn that we glve bargalni lu QXJALITY AND FIUOB. Weroastour own eofiees evetj week.alwaji fresh and good. Our bakery turns out the ver beotof Bread, Cakes and crackers. Cali arú eens. WA1TTBD. il L LOC AL Or" TRAVELING. ■■ to sell our Nureery Stock. Salary, Expenses and Steady Employment guaranteed. CHASE BKO TH ERS COXPANT, ROCHKSTKB. N. Y. & piTchell'sKidney Piasters - ■ y Absorb all diseasc in thcKidneys and f{ i f restore them to a healthy condition. yf Old chronic kidney suflcrerB eny []' they got no relief until they tried VI MITtHEI.IS KIDNIiY PI-ASTEKS. Sold by Dragglsts everywhere, or sent by mail for 50o Novulty Piaster Works, l.owill, Maas TO MEN ONLT; Sufferlng from the effects of youthful errors, early decay, wasting iweakucss. lost manhood, etc., I will senrt a valuable treatise (sealed) containing full partlculars for home cure, I'KEE of charge; asplendid medical work; should be read by every man who Is nervous and debilltated. Addiess IK. W. N. l IS. Port. Hurón, nieta. (Mention thls paper.) FOR MEN, STRENGTH Over 100 testimoniáis received in one week to GRAY'S SPECIFIC MEDICINE. Gives vim, forcé, vigor and never fausto cure. PAMPHLET FREE. Thevery readingof it will increase your self-couñdence. TLn P.ou 11 n4 ninn Pn Buffalo. Addrcss.Tnifiray MifllCine C0t New York. FMI'tEREMEDY $1.00 A BOTTLE, S1X FOR $5. TRY IT TO-DAY YyHEX blood lea ves the heart it is rich in oxvgen, pure, and bright red. It goes to the extremities, buildinupjwwnLuj)laceWlienit returns throujrh the veins it is dark and full of poieona, prathered uil throuph the body. Passing through the liver it loses the Bile poison ; the kidneys remove the ■worn out waste and the langs clarify the blood with oxygen. To keep this lif strean pure, niaintain sound kidney, luns and liver aetton, nse the (rnaranteed fIcMrêmëdy $1 .y A BOTTLE, SIX fOR $5 TRY IT TO-DAY MAITorWOMAlT Shoul carry some Life Insurance and AJÍ OPTIUN POI.ICY, u dow issutd by the National Life Ins. Co., OF VERHONT, Provldes for any emergency that can arise. It can be pald for in; flve, ten, or twenty years and contains the followlug guaranteci: FIR8T-A paid up policy afler three yeart which amount is writun on the face of the policy. SECOSTD- It guarantees you an Annüal Cash V aluk, or if the fneured needs, or deslres to raiie money, the Company will loan on this policy, and till keep the policy in foree. This Is a great adyantage to a person who may need money In business or to protect credit. , T1- lt guarantees extended Insurance for the full amount of Insurance, for so lons a time as the cash value will pay for it This la a valnable option to many who may through physical.or fluancial mislortune desire their policy carried. In fact this PoIIct tyotect? pijpt dVerity In Business, and also makes an absolute provisión in case of death, for wife, children or creditors . Remember this Policy is ONLY written by the National Life Insuiance Company of Montpelier, McCnrdy C. I.rBKH, Special Agent, 9 1-8 Lwrenct, ANN ABBOR. MICH Nothing Succeeds Like Success And Nothing Washes like our ZILVER BLOCK" Ijl H Try 'SCOUR BRIGST' iar Cleaning FARMERS, MECHANICS and LABOREES Should use our PUREPIHETARSOAP For Kou kIi or Chapped Hand. Ask for our Toilet Goods. Sold Everywhere. PENINSULAR SOAP CO. FOR MEN ONLY! lIlJMnFor L08Tor FAHINO HANHOODHl lil'Wll I and NERV0TJ8 ÍEBUJTYM I N 1 1 1 Hl I ■ I Weakne o' Body and Kind, Effnot rMI"jil Illlof Errorior Exoeisei in Old or Younr Blr,(tlh.i.VTliiE,irSDI!tOPEDORAN8PlBTSOrBDI. HOBU TRKATÜKNT-B.I..III. I. . it,. Ban UHIÍ7 ft-om to HM ud K.r.litn ('onntrln. Wrlte tfc.i. Wn ERIE MEDICAL CO.. BUFFALO. N. V. " Maneéis Specific," CURES ■rrvou Dohiliiy, Fxhnimtion, Ircmature Decay, Partial or Total Impoteucy, umi All WEAKness arising from ovortaiation of rnisd or body. MEN SulTrrinK frmn the Tisc.isr8 and woaknesa thftt have (iriyiti in yonthtul inipriidciici1 can rely on aspeedy aud pcrnianeut restoration tti 1 li aud napplness. Pricc, $'.011 by mail -re nrrly enlcd. TUK SPKCTFTC is preparcd frnm the precription of an old and e cperlenced jiliy.sifiiin. aud may be relied on hiin ly nneqaaled n effloaoy, and -we therefore rccoranii'nd it to tlit) DOtloB of tlio Mrdieal Protsewn Vrnerally. Qf an(1 Laboratory ManceVt Speciflc, 13 E. 30th S. New York City. c it r#ï i m 4tMV' " ' ir,iï a. . TO MAGKINAG Summer Tours. Palace Steamers. Low Rates. Pour Trips per Week Between DETROIT, MACKIIMAC ISLAND Petoskey, Sault Bt. Marie, id Lako Huron W-v PortB. Every Week Dy Between DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Spdl Suüday Tri aurim; Jqtt, Jtily, Aii(tuit ud Sept. Doublo Daiiy Liiif Botween CHICAGO AND ST. JOSEPH, MICH. Our Illustrateo Pamphlets Bate and Excursión Tickft's will be f umisht Í by your Ticket Agent, or addrees E. B. WHITCOMB, G. P. A., Detroit, Mich. , Detroit and Cleveland Steam Nav. Co.


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