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Did you go to the circus ? Wben will ihe next circus strike Ann Arbor? Miss Mary Claikson gives a birchday party to-day. Dr. H. Gibbes now has a telephone at his residence - No. 70. A. J. Sawyer will dthver the memorial address at Chelse, tomorrow. The jury n the circuit court was discharged for the term, Monday. Peter Kalmbach, of Sylvan, was admitted to citizenship yesterday. The Fratklm House is being improved on the cu'side by a coat of paint. The High School base ball club will play a game at Howell, to-morrow. The store occupied by E. F. Mills & Co. is having a modern plate glass Iront put in. The fare from Omaha to Ann Arbor last Friday was oDly $9.75. Cheap enough ! The Medical Advance has been moved to ChicBgo, the editors of the journal now living there. Senator Siockbridge has been appointed as the Michigan member on the republican campaign committee. The Ann Arbor Greys wilt play a nine from Oleary'g Business College at Ypsilanti, Saturday afternoOD. Jesse Seaborn was convicted of steaüng a horse, in the circuit court, Monday, and sentenctd to Jackson for two years. The Board of Review ot Ann Arbor Town was in gestión the fore part of the week, closing their labors on Tuesday. Ann Arbor will need an orange grove soon. It is said that no less than filteen marrisges will be celebrated in this city during Jinie Tbe T. & A. A. has mude a rontract to talce the entire ühio baullion, K. of P., to the bi-annual conclave to be held at Milwaukee, July 8. Geo. W. Millen has engaged in the insurance business with bis únele, C. H. Millen. The agency is the oldest and largest in the city. Mrs. Olivia B. Hall will not plat the entire '' oíd fair grounds " this summer, but will place the Hill-st lots on the market within a fevf weeks. The Michigan Central Company contémplate purebasing the laad north and east of the depot for the purpose of beautifying the surroundings. Difed, this Thursday mornicg, Mrá. Isaac Terry at her home in Webster, aged C4 years. Funeral at the house, Saturday morning, at 10 30 o'clock. J. Frcd Hoelzle has purchaed the lot on the northeast corner of Washington-st and Fourih ave, and will e-ect a fine brick meat market thereon. The lightning, Saturday evening, struck the elcctric light wirea near the rink and aiso near the M. E. chureb, causing trouble with the Iight3 in those localities. The subject of Dr. Studley's keture cext Sunday evening in the Methodist church, will be "The Story of John Bunyan : the Tinker of Elstow." J. F. Lawrence is platting his farm on Packard and S.tate-8ts into city lots, and our workinemen will have a chance to buy cheap and good building lots. The "bee" for building the race track will be held Tuesday, June 3. The committee will cali and eol'cit either work or money, and everybody í-bould turn in and help. County Treasurtr Brehm received $7,211.12 primary money from the State Treasurer, Monday, which he is now ready to pay out to the township treasureis. The rainfall ihis month has been almobt unprecedenled, five inches having fallen during the first 25 days. During 48 hours on Saturday and Sunday, two inches cf rain feil. The Germán Workingmen's Society elected Wm. Herz and Titus V. Hutzel, Tuesday evening, a9 delegates to the Arbeiter Bund, which is to meet at Ludington, June 10. Two new men have been appointed members of Ihe fire departtnent, Henry McLaren and Frank CampioD, th? former taking the position of driver on the hook and ladder truck. Mrs. Catherine Benedict has purchased a lot of Mits Rebecca Hennques on 8. Fifth-ave, and plans are already being made (or a handsome residence to be built there at once. The address of John Rhey Thompson, of Brooklyn, N. Y., before the Wesleyan Guild, Sunday evening, was a masterpiece and was larely aitended. His subject was "Scepticism." There are twenty-five divorce cases on the docket in the Genegee county circuit couit tbis term. That county will soon become as notorious as Chicago in the divorce business if it continúes in this way. Julius V. Seyler, of Detroit, son of A. D. Seyler, of this city, who has become known to fame as one of the finest pianista in the west, gave a Chopin-Liszt recital before the Sappho Club at Ypsilanti, last evening. A number ni our cilizens contémplate going to Toledo, June 5, to hear Strauss' famous orchestra which will appear there on that date. The T. & A. A. has made arrangements to run a special train back alter the concert. The question of the students going down to Ypsilanti to " clean out " the circus was being discussed. A high school girl said sbe was going to keep two of them home; one the was going to take to prayer meeting with her and the other she was going to feed on cake untü it made him sick. Which would you prefer to have been ? The jury in the case of John Kalmbach against the M. C. R. R. gave the plaintiff a verdict for $150 damages, Friday, after being out for six bours. The amount is so small that the verdict is almoat a viotory for the áeíendant. The Bicycle Club met at the rink ou Mouday evening, and completed iis organization. Arrangements were made for a club run to Ypsilanti tomorrow afternoon, the start to be made from the court house at one o'clock. Last night, the Board of. Public Works voted to recommend the appointment of Smith Molley as City Engineer, at a salary of $G00 per year, he to give his eutire time to the city. lie was formerly surveyor of Ottawa Co., Ohio. The will of John Ryar, of NorthSeld, was opened Monday. 11e bequeathed $1,000 for the erection of a monument in mémory oL himsclf and family in the Northöeld Catholic cemetery. The residue of his estáte is willed to his sisters. G-eorge Effner, the young man who shot Chas. Miller in the leg about a week ago, waived examination before Juslice Pond, Monday. The same afternoon he plead guilty "in the c rcuit court and Judge Kinne sentenced him to Ionia for one year. W. G. Doty will deliver an address at Mat chester, next Sunday, upon the occasion of the decoration of the graves of the deoeased brothers of the Masonic fraternitieR of that place. Several members of the order from this city will attend the ceremonies. Saturday afternoon, the young ladies who took part in the " Merchants' Carnival, " were photographed by Randall, in the north entrance oL the court houe. About the time the lariies were marobing back to the rink, the olouda broke and the procession broke for slielcr. c. Dr. HugoLupinski, nee Hous{hton. formerly of this city, died at Grand Rapids, Tiu-Mlay morniug, froni the effects ot sn overdose of morphinp„ wbich she tookto a'lay puin with whicb she was suffering. Sne was married iu this city about two years ago and leaves a child about a month old. Fred T. Stunson has a cat. There ij notbing peculiar in ihis, neither is it peculiar that It is a bob-tuiled cat. But the ct had Ëve kittens last week, ard what is f-trange is tht three of the kittens are bob-tailed, while the other two bave tails of the rtgulation length. This is do Gsh story. The Mrchants' Camival was a big 6uccess financially, the door receipts amounting to over $425. The young ladies wbo took part in the drill are to be complimented upon their profic e:icy in military tact'c?. The merchants tpok hold of the affair enthusiastically and made splendid txhibits. Welch Pot, G-. A. R., uumbering 43 men, J. T. Jacobs Camp, S. ot V., 18 mer, and Oompany A 25 men, attended service at the M. E. church Sunday mening. Rev. W. S. Studley preached a sppcial sermón ou "The Duty of the True Soldier," which was exceedingly iutereeting to his audience. The G. A. R. post rquests the wives of soldier?, ard other ladies who can spare the time, to meet at the Agricultural room in the court houe and at the fifth ward engine house, Friday morning at eight o'clock. The school children are requested to gather flowers and bring them to these places, Friday morning. Little tiecrgie, the gix-year oíd fon of postmaster H. M. Royp, of Farwell, was acoidently drowned in the mill-pond at that place, Friday, while playing with another child. The little fellow was a grandson of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Roya and a nephew of G. W. M.llen, anl the parents were formerly Ann Arbor residents. Architect E. W. Arnold, of Detroit, has finished plans fbr the following Ann Arbor parties : Regent C. R. Whitman, two houses, one to c 8t $5,000 and the other $2,500; Prof. W. W. Beman, a $3,500 hou9e ; Wm. Brown, a $7,000 residence. This loeks aa though Ánn Arbor would iraprove during this season, as it has in the past. The Michigan Central company have 8truck a bad sink-hole at Chelsea, on the new track wbich has jast been !aid there. A peculiar phenomfnon has resul :ed f rom their attempt to fill it up. A mound has risen (o a heightf several fet, in a lot about fifty feet from the sink-hole, and as dirt is thrown into the hole the mound grows larger. Mj ir S. W. Millard was at Jackson, Thuisday, Friday and Saturday, as a member of the court martial board to hear the charles agaiagt Lieut. Seery, of company H, lst Rf gt, M. S. T. The testimony was taken then and the court sat again yesterday to decide the case. This is the first general martial board tbat has been called since the organization of the military system in this state. A meeting of citizens interetted in the removkl of the slaughter houses f rora their present site to eome less objeetionable location was held in the councü charaber, ïaesday evening. A committee, consisting of M. O. LeBeau and E. W. Moore, was appointed to look up a suitable place and report at a meeting to be held at the game place next 'Wedneeday evening, at which a tull attendance is desired. The Board of Managers held a meeting on the fair ground, Monday afternoon. Col. Dean reported that the committee had allowed bilis amounting to $2,528.24 forimprovementp. J. R. Bach waselected secretary, vice G. EL Pond, resigned. Geo. Orcutt, F. Huize!, D. Campbell, J. Keppler, J. H. Sperry, R. Nowland and 1'. Q. Sukey were appointed to solicit for work and tnoriey to build the race track. Don't ask a Chelsea man how he arrived in this city, because he is liable to lose his temper. Since the changes on the Michigan Central last week, Chelsea has been side-tracked, and when a man leaves town it is doubtfulw hen he will be able to get home again. The citizens there complain bitterly of the accommodations now furnished them and are looking aroiind for some means of gatting the I company to step more trains at tbat j station. Mre. L. A. Blake, on Thursday last, received a very handsome tea-set as a prize from the "Housewife" Publishing Co., of New York. Som e time ago, Mrs. B. saw an advertisement, that they would give íree a tea-set to each person subscribing for the paper, " The Housewife," price fifty cents per year, whose letter they opened first eaoh day, and she was one of the lucky ones. The set consists of fiftysix pieoes of. Ridgeway's haudsome decorated ware. The articlea ot' association of the Ann Arbor Ladder and Trestle Co. were filed yetterday, with a capital stock of $5,000. The object of the eompanv is to manufacture and 6ell Sorg's combination step ladder acd tresile. The stook is owned by Albert Sorg, trustee, Henry Frank, C. F. Kayser, Wm. Merithew, C. F. Meyer, J. R. Murray, C. L. Schneider, J. E. Harkins, J. T. Wood house, M. P. Vogel, M. J. O'Brien, W. F. Armstrong, G. J. Schiappacasse, H. Frank, trustee, and Albert Sorg, trustee. Three ocean steamers had sn exciting race across the Atlantic last week. The "City of Rome," "Aurania'1 and "Alaska" left Queenstown on Sunday, May 18, within an hour of each other. They started on the race cross the Atlantic and arrived in New York, Sunday, reachinsr that port in the order named. The "City of Rome" made the trip in se ven days and four hours, the others being two and four hours later. Amorig the passenger! on the winning boat wm Randnll W. Wat's, a nepbew of B. F. Watts, of this city. It is queer that the people caacot te satifficd with the proposed route of the street railway now traï ihe matter is decided and af ter tl.e thcrough manner in whicb the council and the company considered this matter. Mr. Corliss has recently received a petition from certain residents of East University-ave, asking thal the road be chat3ged from that street. The great contest before the council was by citizens who wished the road to run closer to their premises and the East Universityave residents were considered fortúnate becausa the line ran down that street. LigV.tniog m&d things lively in feveral parts of the city, Saturday, but fortuuately iione of its pranks resulted seriouily. The house of Mrs. S. U. Benbam, on Libertyst, was etruck, the lighming running down the lightning rod iuto the ground. The woodwork on the side of the porch was scorched slighlly, and the furnace pipe was torn from the ciiimney. Mrs. Benham who was looking out of a window near the rod was thrown beckwardg but not injured. At the same time the house of A. W. Ame?, on Will'am -st was struck, the only damage being to the paper on the walls iu One rotm, which was scorched and dscolored. They were both pretty close calh.


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