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Real Estate Transfers

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J. G. Laubengayer, by sheriff, t M. C. Laubengayer, Lodi 82,503.82 O. Y. Just to W. J. Just, Ann Arbor - 300 CarrleBose to C. L. Schneider, Ann Arbor 100 U. H. Hlnkley, bysheriff, to A.K. Calkins, Chelsea 819 A, N. Allen, by sheriff, toA. K. Calkins, Chelsea 250 Sebastian Kramer to M.H. Steude!, Manchester 400 Wilson & Warner toH. M. Burt, Milan 125 H. Carpenter to FI. S. Lee, Ann Arbor 2,100 C. H. Wilson to H. M. Burt, York 1 H. M. Burt lo C. H. Wilson, York 150 Alva Freer to Sarah S. Hunter, Chelsea... . 140 H. A. Nichols, et al, to T. L. Sutter, Ann Arbor 900 Allred Jarvis to George Wilson, "├»psilanti.. 10 Julia A. Fuller to Cynthia A. Welch, Chelsea 800 Laura Sherwood to Jessle Sherwood, Manchester .... 100 W. S. Khoades to Henry McMann, Saline.. 1,400 Thomas Richards to Alva M. Stewait, Milan 100 A. E. Wilmot to Zachariah Roath, Ann Arbor 700 John Clancy, et al, to Bridget Foley, Ann Arbor 625 J. D. Havens to A. D. and S. E. Howard, Ypsilanti 1,600 Franc├ęs Havens to J. G. Havens, Ypsilauti i