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Not A Murder After All

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Ann Arbor is a quiet, law-abiding place, wliere crime is seldom perpetrated. The news, therefore, wfiich spread like wildii e oa Friday evening lagt, that a murder had been committed, carne like a tliunderbolt in a clear sky. The extronie youth of the criminal added further horror to the deed. On September 23, Fred Frank, a Germán boy aged seventeen, carne to this city from Cleveland, Ohio, and on the following Saturday obtained work of Albert Pierce, a horse-trainer who uves on the fair grounds. During the next week an overcoat was stolen from Geo. Aprill, and suspicion was cast upon young Frank. Augustus Pierce, the fifteen-year old Bon of Mr. Pierce, told his father that the youcg Germán was the thief, which, coming to the ears of the latter, incensed him greatly. About eight o'clock on Friday even i ng Augustus went out to the barn in order to perform the usual chores and was met by youns; Frank, who approached him froin behind a pig pen and struck at him with a neckyoke. The latter succeeded in taking it away from him, whereupon Frank drew a 32-caliber revolver and shot Pierce through the bowels, about one inch from the navel. Help was soon brought to the yictim, but from that time to this, his condition has been very precarious. Öfficers were at once summoned, who scoured the country in pursuit of the criminal. Eürly the next morning L. P. Hall discovered that sorae one had slept in his barn during the past night, which fnrnished a good clue to the offi - cers. About nine o'clock Frank was captured near the Lowell mili, walking on the railway track. AVhen Marshal Wwlsh approached him, he reached for his pistol pocket, but was stopped before he was able to flre. Uoon his arrest, he betmyed little emotion and, aftera little coaxing, confessed the deed. Heclaimed that lie was drank at the time. Tne boy has a very wicked look, ard will no doubt be far more harmless inside of prison bars than outside. That the minder was premeditatd is shown by the fact that he made threats in a couvemation with a street car conductor, jut before the crime was committed. The examination of Frank has not vet laken place, owing to the uncertain condition of his victim. The bullet has not yet been located, bnt it evidently is not doing a great del of in.jury, ior the boy is now impiuving and likely to recover.


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