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A Shriek From "me Too."

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Editor Register: - I desire u mafce myshriek, and givc eight of my numerous reasons for opposing the reelection of the present rnember of Congress. They ought to satisfy any good republican that the present ioeumbent s wholly unfit for the place. 1. Allen asked for and secured the nomination for the third term, which I do not believe in, unless I am the candidate, in which case it would be the proper thing. I am willing to admit that Alien has voted for every measure that I would have voted for, but he has drawn the salary and I have been excluded from the public crib. 2. In the administration of affairs of the district, he has weakened the party by an attempt to belittle me and drive me into obscurity; he has promoted dissension in my family circle and among my few friends, by failing to appoint me to office. 3. He retains demócrata ín ornee ín order that I niay be obliged to earn my living without assistance from the government, with the thin excuse, that there were not offices enough to go around, while I was asking for only on e office. 4. He has ignored the claims of the party, and appointed men to important offices, who are not equal in ability to myself. 5. He has abused the trust imposed in him by appointing to office men whose ability, it is admitted, is inferior to mine. 6. He has insulted men (who sayed the county) by saying that old soldiers cannot have everything, as there are more soldiers than offices, when it was perfectly true that there was only one old soldier (myself) to be provided for. 7. In the canvass, he has always proyed false to the party by grttrng more votes than any other man on the ticket.and he will find this fall, hen tiie votes are counted, that by ign ring me he has got left. 8. He has attempted to perpcuate himself in office by packing eau cuses and conventions without consultiiig me, and forcing his nomination upon the party regardless of my feelings, and bases his hopes of election upon the ability of bis appointees to whip me into line, when he knows my cupboard is bare and my heart is broken.


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