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The Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway

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tWAOQDAINTED WITH THE GEOGRAPHY OF THE COUNTRY, WILL OBTAIIÏ MUCH VALUABLE INFORMATIOM FP.OM A STPDY OF THIS MAP OF Including main Unes, branctes and extensiona East and Wast of the io??urr Jb,f Direct Route to and from Chicago, Joliet, Ottawa. Peona, La Salle. Mohne, Rock Island, in IILINOIS-Davenport, Muscatine! 8i,ÏTa'&s-&aiooAa DesMoine3, Winterset, Audubon.Haflan and Councii and l'ion,1 p-t""1?.1?18 nd Pa in Watertown SfisomTm PJ?llBin DAKOTA-Cameron, St. Joseph and Kansas City, in MISSOURI-Omaha, Fairbury and Nelson, in NEBRiLSKA-Horton, Topeka, Hutchinson, Wichita, Bellevïllo, Abilene, Caldwell, in Kansas-Pond Cireek Hennessey, Kingrfltóer, El Reno, in the ÍNDIAN TfelRRITORY-and Denver!,Prmgs, Pueblo, in COLORADO. FREE Reclining Chair Caía to and from Cñicago, Caldwell, Hutchinson and Dodge City, and Palace Sleepla?t ?a between Chicago, Wichita and Hutchinson. fraverses new and Eftfir rich farming and grazinsr lands, affording the best facilities of ioífth ? JSÏ'011 to "L townB anI cities east and west, northwest and Bouthwest of Chicago, and Paciflo and trans-oceanic Seaports. MACNIFICENT VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS, Leading all competltc-s in splendor of equipment, warmed by steam from the locomotivo, well ventilated, and free from duet. Throigh Coaches. LaP Sleepers and Dining Óars daily between Chicago. T)ea TMoinei ?a?SnrtBnffB and O,maha. wfth Free Reclining Chair Cars between Chif?í?S? P6"?1"' c)1?radP Springs and Pueblo, via St. Joseph, or Kansaa Grade óf hCoío?adoÍn CHleS MInin8r Camps, Sanitar'iums. and Scenio VIA THE ALBERT LEA ROUTE, wrttildHnenrpf%in8idUyetiYeenChicaf,0 and Minneapolis and St. Paul. Kansaa riEecllnÍí? Pair Cars (FRÉE) to and from those points and Sí? swíi & 11 hr?uSh Chair Car and Sleeper between Peori i, Spirit Laka town The Fronte Line to Pip , tone, WaterQroSndsAheNÓrthwelt6 Summer ReSOrt8 and Huntis' and Fl8hln tra?,JHORTríjINE VIf 'SÉNECA AND KANKAKEE offers facilities to Jnh ASfn Cl?clnnati. Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Councü BlufBs St. wL?iLíL i ÍV Leavenworth, Kansas City, Minneapolis and St. Pui. Ticket Offlr3ThíT!rPi?1 He S' S úeaiá information, apply to any Coupon xicKet üfflce in the United States or Canada, or address E. ST. JOHN, OHN SEBASTIAN, General Manager. CHICAGO, II.U Oen' 1 Ticket ft Pass. Agent


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