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BUSINESS CARDS. f R. WILLIAMS, Allornry at I.nw, Milán, IMIch. Money loaned for outside partles. All legal usiness given prompt attention. A LEX. W. HAMILTON A ttorue v at I.nw. Wlll practlce in both Stete and Dnlted staic Oourts. Office Rooms, one and two, lst (loor ol the new brick block, comer of Hurón and Fourta itreets, Ann Arbor, Michigan. TRUCS AND ST0RAGE. Now we are ready wlth a New Brick Storchonse for the storage of Households, Pianos, Books and Stoves. Piauosand Furniture carefullv moved. All kindsof Heavy and Light draying. FREIG BT WORK. Residence and Office, 46 N. Fourth Street. Te 1 ]! o ii e 82. WM. W. NICHOLS, DENTAL PARLORS over Savings Bank opposite Oourt House Square. Teeth extracted without pain by use of Gas or Vitaüzed Air. WM. BIGGS. Contractor and Builder, And all kind of nork In connrctlon wlth tlienbove prouiptly excutu. Shop Or. of Church-st and S. Unlversity ave. Telephone 9 : P. O. Box 1248. MARY F. MILEY'S ■ ART EMBROIDERY AMD STAMPING UOOtiS. All Materials for Fancy Work constantly on Hand. Zephyrs Yarr.. Gcrmantown Wools, Canvas Fulti, etc Agent for the P. D. C'orset. HART F. MI1.EY. SÍO. 20 E. Waahinfftoii.St., Aun Arbor. C. H. MILLEN'S INSURANCE BUREAU No. 67 B3. Huron st., Ann Arbor. Oldest agency In the city. Kstablished nearly half a century, and representing over flfty million of assests. Home Ins. Co., of N. Y tS,93UfiO Continental 5,217,774 Niágara „ o 401) si Girard.of Pa ""V 1482%8"9 Oriental, of Hartford 1.80.ï'663 Commercial Union Ins. Co., of Lor.don .13 689 277 Liverpool, London & Globe Ins. Co 18,786,094 Loses Liberally Adjusted and Promptly Paid. O. H. MILLEN. FIRST CLASS ïomexLaundiy FOR STUDENTS. Washing, ironing and mending done to order. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Special attention glven to Washing Woolens. Positively nothing used to rot the clolnes. TTL1T XJS. ö. W. MORBAN, - 17 Geddes Ave. Henry Richards, Dealer in all kinds of HARD WOOD, LUMBER, PBNOB POSTS, MAPLE FLOORING, etc, also PlftajidlLÈ? And all kinds of Firewood. Prices as Low as Anv Dealer in the CitVi AGENT FOR THE CHAMPION BINSEES AND Mili TÍO. O Detroit St., Aun Arbor, llloh. LUMBER ! LUMBBR! LUMBER! you contémplate building cali at FERDON LUMBER YARD Corner Fourth and Depot Ste., at d g-et our figures for all kinds o( LUMBEE We manufacture our ovn Lutnbei and (ruarantee VERY LOW PRIOES. T-Glve as a cali md we wlll mak it co .vour interest, h nr large and wen Kraded slocU rally sustains our asir (Ion. JAMES TOI.HERT. Prop. T. J. KKECH. Nnpt. If y ou have anything io sdl, or lo renl; if you have lost any valvidble thing ; if you haveound anyvaluahlething; if you want rooms, board, work, or anything under the tun, advertise it in the "Want" column of The Register. & Mitchell'sKidney Piasters s Z' Ab80rt au disease in the;KIdncys and [ restore them to a hcalthy condition. I í). Oíd chronlo kidney Bufferers eay ( Uley Sot no 1ef nnül they tricd " MITCIIEIÏL'S KIDNEr PLASTEKS. Sold by Drnggi sta everywhere, or sent by maïl f or 60c Novelty Piaster Worka, Luwtll, Slass. CAPIIAL, $250,000, 7Yt: Eeystflue Mcrtgage Cipasy i r klei at par anu accrn i nterest. lts own seven percent, flrst niortgage coupon bonds (in amount frum $260 to $5,000} on improved farm and city property Senii animal interest. Absolute (iuarantee of interest and principal. Interesl payable in Ann Arbor. For particuiarH in rpgarU o these safe and destraille loans. consult W. D. HARRIMAN, Att'y, Ann Arbor, Mirn BIISIY & SEABQLT, 3STO3. e _a.jst:d e Washington Street, Ann Arbi . Michigan. Have aKavK op hand a complete Stock oi evtthvjslr, t , ÖRÖCERY LINE Teas, Coffees and Sugars All prime Artlc'es bought for Cash and can sell at low figures. Our irequent large Invoices ol Teas is a sure sign that we glve bargains In QUALITY AND PRICE. We roast our own coffees every week. always fresh and good. Our bakery tiirnsout thevery best of Bread, Cakes and Crackers. C'all and see us. LEGALS. Notlee to CreilltorN. STATE MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF WaSHTKNAW, ƒ 6S' Notlce is hereby piven. that br an onl.r of the Probate Court tor theCounty of VYushtenaw ma ie on the 17ih day of October. A. D 181)0. six months from that date were alloweii for credltors to pr sent their claims aaninst Ihe estáte of Kenoall Kittredge late of said rouniy. dewased, and tlint all creditois of sald cleceasen arn r quired to pre sent thelr claims to raid Probate (' the Probate Office iu the city of Ann Arhor. for examlnation and allowanee, on or ihe 17th day of April next, and that such c.ainis wlll be heanl before sald Court, on Saturday. the i:th day of January, andonFriday, Ihe rth (iayof April bext at ten o'clock In the l'nrenoon of c-at-h of said days Dated, Ann Arbor. Ortober 17. A. D. 18'JO J WILLARD BABBITT. Judgeot Probate. Probate Orrti-r. STATK OP MICHIGAN, 1 COUNTY OF W A9H TESAW. SS At a session of the ProbaieOourt for the Countv or Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office in the City of Ann Arbor. on Mi nday.the twèntieih day of October, In the jear one thousand eight hundred and nincty. Present. J. Willard Babbitt. Jude of Probate Ia the Matter of the Estale OfLOKKKZO Sawyek, deceased. On reading and filing the petitlon. dulyverlned, of Andrew J Sawje', prayine that aiiministration of said estate,may begran imI to lilmsclf I or some other snitable person. Tliereuvmitiê Urdered, That Momlav thel7tli rtay of Mminber next, at ten i Vloek in n.e íorenoon, be as-igned for the heaiim; of íaid petition, and that tlie heirsat-law of mM de ceaïed, and all olber perstns Intereated Ín said estáte, are required to appear 8t a session of said Cour(, then to be holden at thu Probate Offire In the city of Ann Arhor. and show cause, if anythere bc. why the prayerol theivtitioner should not be grantert. And Itlsfurther ordered. that Raid petitioner give noiice to Uupersons interested in said estáte, of the pcmlency of said petition, and the hearing tbereof. by causing acopyof this or.ier to be pi.blished In the Ann Arbor Registkr. a newspa(r prtntod and circulated in said eounty, three suceessive weeks previous to said day of hearini;. J. WILLAKD BABBITT, [A .trae copy.] Judge of Probate Wm. G Doty, Probate Register. Xoticp i Credltors. STATE OF MICHIGAN, ( COUNTYOF WaSHTKNAW, ( SS' Notice is hereby given, that by an or.ier of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw made on thesixth dayol October, A. D.1M10 tW nionths from that date were allowed for credltora to pr - sent tneir claims agamst the esiate of William V Brown, late of said county, deceased aml that all creditors of said deceased are requiret! to present their claims to said Probate Court. at the Proba'e Office in Ihe city of Ann Arbor, for examinaticm and allowanee, on or before the sixth lay of April next, and that such claims will be htBrd beföie said Court. on Tuesday. the f ixth dar of Januarv, and on Mouday, the sixth day of April next, at ten o'elock in the forenoon of each of said days Dated, Aun Arbor, Oct. 6, A. D. 189(1 J.WILLARD BABBITT 827 Jndgeof Prohnie. Nntice t Creditors. STATE OF MICHIGAN. County of VVashtsnaw. j ssNolice is hereby given, that by an order of the Probate Court tor theCountyof Wasluenaw mailton the fifteenth day of September, A. 1). 1890. six months fn.m that date were allowed for creditors to present their claims against the estaieof Hanson Sessions, late of said county, deeeased, aud that all creditors of said .ereased are required to present their claims to said Probate Court. at the Vrobate Ofllee in the City of Ann Aibor, lor examina tion and allowance, on or before the sixteenth dav of Mrch next. and that suoh claims will be heard before said Oourt on Monday, (he löth day of December, and on Monday. the lCth day of Maren next, at ten o'elock in the forenoon of each of sai J days. Dated: Ann Arbor. September 15, A. D. 1890. J. WILLARD BABB1TT, Judie of Prnhatp Slortgage Sale. Whereas- Default lias been made in ihe condi tious of a mortgage executed by Alonz ia. Gregor j and Albina A.liregoryhiswife, to Jame Morwick bearing date April9, A. D.. 1879, and iorded li the office of the Register of Deeds for v ishtenaw County, Michigan, on the ninth day i April, A D., 1879tn LiberíCof Mortgages on psri which mortgage was assigned by said Morwick to Charles E. Latimer by assignment ■ ucd Apri 16, A. D., 1879, and recorded in said Reui-Lur's office ii Liber 55 of Mortgages on page 574, as eollateral security as therein specified; and ald mortgage was also assigned by saia James Morwick totaid Charles E. I.atimer by assignment dated August 29, A. P. 1881. and recorded in said Eeeister's otüce in Liber 7 of Assignments of Mortgages on page 224, as collateral security as therein specified; and said mortgage was alo assigned by said Charles E. Latimer to said James Morwick by assignment dated December 29, A. D., 1882, and recorded in said Register's office in Liber 7 of Assignments of Mortgages on page 546; and said mortgage was also assigaed by said James Morwick to James D. Doñean by assignment dated July5, A. D., 1884, and recorded in said Registers office ín Liber 8 of Assignmints cf Mortgages on page S03, and whereas said mortgage contalns the usual insurance and taz clauses, and said James D. Duncan has been obliged to pay and has paid, lor Insurance ana taies upon the mortgaged preinlses described In said mortgage the suin of seventy-four dollars, and whereas oy said default the power of sale oontalned insaid mortgage has become operative, and no guit or proeeeding In law or equity having been InstHuted lo recover the debt eecured bysaid mortgage or iinypart thereof, and the sum of elgnteen bundred and twenty-three dollars includlng the sald sum paid for Insurance and tazes as atbnsaid, being now claimed to be due upon sald mortfcage: Notlce Is therefore hereby glven that said mortgage wlll be foreclosed by a sale of .the mortgaged premises thereln described or gome part thereof, to-wit: All of the following described land situated in the City of Ann Arbor in tbe County of Washtenaw and State ot Michigan, vlz: Lots No. one (1), ihreeiS), five (5), eight (81 and nine (9) in Blook No. twelve (12; in IHacook's Addition to the said City of Ann Arbor, acoording to the recorded plat thereof, at public vendue on the founeenth day of November next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the Buron street entrance to the Court House ín the City of Ann Arbor in said County of Washtenaw, that bcinic the place of holding the CircuitCourt in said County, Dated, August 21, 1S90. JAMES D. DUNCAN, Astignee of eaid Mortgagee N. W. CHKEVER. Attorney for Assignee.


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