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Worthless Loungers

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We have too many lazy, worthless non-producers amonj us, and are too tolerant of suoh nuisances. Iu other Icountries a man without means who is capable of any labor, mental or muscular, must work orstarve. Hera wo are more indulgent toloaferism. Tho bar-rooms of the hotels and saloons of our large oities are constantly haunted by shabby-genteol do-nothinn;s, on the watch for good-natured individuals with more money than brains, of whom they ope to obtain small loans. Many 9f these professional Jeremy Diddlers are persons of considerable talent, extensivo information and good conversational powers. They understand the arts of flattering and amusing, and upon these arts they trade. Some of them are the prodigal sons of honorable and wealthv citizens: rigibles who liave worn out parental generosity and forbearanee. and who, unable to obtain further snpplies from "the governor,"' have betaken themselves to that most eonteniptiblo of all the shifts of dissipated laziness, saloon loafing; jnst as the worthlesa and rulned siom of noblu European families were accostomed to take to "the road" for a livelihood in the olden time. L'pon the uiiole, however, we think the "noble high way men" of two hundred years ago were less despicable than the tippling dollar-borrowera of tha present day. A ;ood family name is not bad capital to swind'.ü on. Men who would hesitate to g-ive ten cents to a ragged, nameless pauper, not infrequently open their to assist the black Bheep of a first family, who is too lofty to beg but not too proud to borrow under the falsa pretensa of returning the loan he solicits in tho course oí a day or two. The habitual saloon loafer, when he has bicorne too notorious to ply his game v.ith success at ona place, moves olí to another, and begina to experiment upon a new set of victims. If the s jciety in which plausible drones piek up a living without labor had sufficient moral courago to meet their solioitationa with a determined JVb, it would bo a blessing to all concerned. Convince these pensioners upon a false generosity that they must depend upon the legitímate exerciae of their own talents for support, or famish, and a large proportion of them would adoptthe disagveeable alternativo which the able-bodied beggar said ho must resort to if the charitabló denied him alms. They would go to work. Whoevcr lende to the lazy, dissipated and dishonost what he could otherwiso afford to bestow in real chavity, rob the merltorious pooi-.- X. Y. Ledger. Amoxo dehisiocs the alcoholic is ono of the most harmful. Dr. Norman Kerr says: "AH alcohols aro poisonous. Tho least poisonous are the alcohols of wine. More poisonous are the alcohols of beet loot. Still more deadly aro the alcohols of corn (all kinds of grain); and the most potent and pestiferous are the alcohols from potatoos. Cider inebriates are usually more heavy and stupid tlisn alert and olfensive. Amylio alcohol is nearly times as poisonous as ethylic." It is better to let the poison in either forra alone. Ekv. Dr. Dikk, a special student ot the divorce question, fotind that of 29, COSdivorees granted in forty-five counties of twelve States, a little more than twenty percent, wero caused directly or indirectly by drunkenness. This statement, appallinc as it is, indicates but part of the havoo made with the homa by strong drink. Kuch an enemy of the social well-being of the Xation should be abolished by enlightened publio opinión, cryaiallized into luw.- ISTational Tempe ranee Advócate.


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