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nor turned his back upon the union in a critical juncture and voted for a resoEation which declared the war a failure. How do the old soldiere like that? A complete regiutration of all voters, -old and new, will take place on the 28th jad 29th. N'o republican should fail to tregister on the first day. Remember, avery voter must register in order to ote. _______ _- - The demócrata of Minnesota have shown their devotion to the cause of the farmer by nominating for the office of overnor a salaried railroad attorney. The words and acts of democrats never lid agree, somehow. William J. Clark is a brave veteran ho rushed to his country's defense when it was in its direst extremity. His _;ood right arm, lost in the war bears tesimony to his patriotism. It is fitting that the people of this county should 4ake this fact into consideration when hey come to vote for a register of deeds. The deplorable shooting which took place in this city last Friday evening ahould serve as a lesson to that class of boys who areconsumed with adesire to ie "tough." Had young Frank never oread dime novéis, and had he never ac;uired the habit of carrying concealed weapons, he might now be leading a ïseful life, instead of languishing in a prison cell, awaiting his trial for the vorst of crimes. Tt is an encouraging sign that the bet4er class of demócrata in the south are beginning to discountenance the terrorism which has prevailed there so long. Even the fire-eating News and Courier, of Charleston, S. C, gives utterance to the following: "We are appalled at thinking that the rising generatton of white men at the South is being taught that elections are to be carried, not by the honest vote of a fair majority, but by rank intiunidations, subterfuge and evasion." __________ Nothing shows more clearly the utter unscrupulousness o f the democratie party than the readiness with which it has pandered to the religious prejudicesof a certain element in Wisconsin. The republican party claims that it is the right and duty of the state to provide for its ■ohildrenat leastsome instruction in the English language, and to this obviously wise principie the demócrata oppose Éheir pet theory of "personal liberty.1' A very convenient theory, indeed, for if earried to an extreme it would prevent all coercive action whateveron the part of government! The voters of Washtenaw county, reardless of party, Bhould bear in mind éhat there is a candidate for one public office, who was nominated against his wish, and because of his pecuMar fitness for the place. He was not put in nomixation by delegates hired for that purraose, and if elected he has the ability to perform the duties of the office in an able manner. Should he have an occasion to draw an information for the purpose of prosecuting a criminal, it will be correctly drawn and will not be quashed for imperfections. He will put in no bilis fot extra expenses that are of a doubtful character. Indeed, he is the man that ought to be elected. Should that be the aesnlt, it will be a case of the office seeking the man and not the man seeking he office. Eis name is Amariah F. Freeman,andhe should be elected proscuting attorney. Theke must be some good reason why so many demócrata of this county are outspoken in their intention to vote against Lehman and Brown for the offices of prosecuting attorney and clerk. And the more one inquires into the pohtical methods of these two candidates, the more he must be 3atisfled that demócrata who care more for the schools than they do for those two gentlemen must. feel obliged to vote against them. Lahman and Brown are members of the county board of school examiners, who give certificates to all the school teachers in the various townships ot this coumy. The third member of the board is M. J. Cavanaugh, who is Lehman's law partner. These three men have itabsolutely ia their power to grant or refuse teachers' certificates, without which no teacher can receive money for teaching the district schools of the county. Lehman has been a member of the board for some years and he it is who organized what was appropriately termed by a couple of the speakers in the last democratie county convention the school ring. Bro wn was elected a member of the board a little over a year ago. The school inspectors who elect members of the board are generally school teachers, who are dependent upon the board for certificates. The day that Brown was elected Lehman called the younger members of the school inspecttorstogether in nis office toholdacaucus. He held over as a member of the board for another year and naturally had considerable influence with the school teachers who were inspectors. He and his partner, Cavanaugh, met with the school teachers in the caucus and secured their support ior Brown. The latter was elected school examiner. These two school examiners, with the judge of probate, elect the third member of the board, the secretary, who receives$l,500 salary with very light work. Cavanaugh, Lehman's partner, was elected to this place, against the earnest protest of many leading demócrata of the county. It was openly charged, at the time, that Brown was to be boomed for county clerk by the board of school examiners. The ring was now in good working order; Lehman had two offices, Brown had two and Lehman's partner had one. The school teachers of the county naturally desired to please the men on whom they were dependent for the indispensable certificates. Before the democratie caucuses this year, Cavanaugh and Brown drove all over the county and into the various school distrieta, working delegates to the county convention. At the township caucus, the school teachers and their relatives were out in force. In some of the townships they packed the caucuses. One leading democrat, who brought out a dozen men to the caucus, said be was going to see that none but Brown delegates went to the convention, because he was under obligation to the school board, for his son had ateacher's certifícate. Not in one town only was this worked, but in many. Many relatives of teachers lent themselves to the work, unconscious of wrong doing. The machinery was effective. It secured an absence of many well known faces at the democratie convention. This was the reason why the two leading candidates against Brown withdrew their names from the consideration of the convention and announced that they could not lend their aid to elect ring candidates if nominated. The schools of the county should be kent out of politics. Men who seek to drag them iuto politics richly deser ve rebuke. Teachers' certificates should be granted.without consideraron of personal services, but simply because merited. Partisans, who use their position as school examiners, for personal ends, do not deserve the vote of any citizen, no matter on what ticket they run. There should be enough voters in the democratie party, who care more for the schools than they do for Lehman and Brown, to administer to these gentlemen the rebuke which will forever keep men from using the school teachers to obtain nominations. If these two men are elected, the position of school examiner will at once become the aim of ambitious politicians, who can see how effectively it can be worked in obtaining delegates to conventions.


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