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William G.Dieterle has had an enviabje reputation from his boyhood up to this date. He was graduated from the Ann Arbor common school, but from his twelfth year his vacations were profitably employed in the furniture business, w here he ser ved an apprenticeshi p. Soon his ability was discovered by his employer, who made him foreman of the factory. The second son ainongeightbrothers, all capable and respected men.heassisted his parents in the struggle for Hvelihood until he was of age. In Manchester he established himself in business; his townsmen appreciating his straight-forward character, elected him an alderman. Then when he moved to Ann Arbor he was againcalled upon to take a place in the common council, thus showing that whereverhe has been he hasquickly won theesteem and confidence of his fellow citizens. He is the head of a fam ily, a tax payer, a business man of fidelity and ability, and in every way qualified to fill the position of county clerk ; for every one who knows him respects his sterling integrity, his solid worth, his painstaking methods. Wm. G. Dieterle.if elected, will justify this confidence of the people of Washtenaw, so that men of all parties can conscientiously vote for him, feeling certain that the office has sought the man and not the man the office. The voters have never had an opportunity of electing a cleaner man to any office.


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