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If any of our readers are inclined to doubt whether newspaper advertising can be made to pay, we would point to he success achieved by the manufacturera of the strong 5-A Horse Blankete. A few years ago, niany horse blanket manufacturers reduced the quality of iheir goods to such an extent that it was almost impossiblefor a horse owner to teil, when hebought a horse blanket, whether it was strong or not. Many of our readers have, doubtless, in the past, purchased such blankets and found to their great disgust that they would wear out in a few weeks. The 5-A Horse Blanket manufacturers believe that people did not want to be fooled, and that owners of horses would buy strong horse blankets, if they knew how to teil the difference between a strong blanket and a weak one. Many years ago they decided to makel their horse blankets unusually strong and give them the name of 5-A Horse Blankets, so thnt when they advertised these goor1-' In the newspaper, owners of horses wou'J know what to ask for. They sew ine 5-A trade-mark on the inside of eacli blanker, and no blanket is germine without ibis trademark. The 5-A trade-naark is a guarantee that the horse blanket ia strong and will stand rough usage. The manufacturera of 5-A Horse Blankets have found honesty to be the best policy. Their blankets are known over the entire United States as well as they are known to our readers, for they are advertised everywhere. Newspaper advertising, and the stand they have taken to make horse blankets that will wear well, have made the manufacturera of 5-A Horse Blankets the largest makers of these goods in the world. They own their own mil'.B, have the very latest labor-saving machinery, and make their blankets from the raw stock to the finished state, and at prices to suit everybody.


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