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L. H. Clement spent Tuesday in Detroit. Jas. M. Kiley spent last week in WilHamston and Howell. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Nickels are visiting in Sioux Falla S. D. F. Schmid leavea this week for a visit with his son, at Joliet, 111. Rev. Mr. Palmer, of Stony Creek, is visiting his son Wallace. Mrs. Geo. Hughes, of South Lyon, is visiting Mrs. C. C. Warren. Dr. G. E. Frothingham, of Detroit, was in the city on Monday. Rev. F. Volz and Rev. S. Poppen, of Saginaw, are visiting Mrs. A. F. Spring. Rev. Max Hein isattending the Lutheran senate at Woodville, Ohio, this week. J. Q. A. Sessions went to Battle Creek on Tueaday, to meet with his old regiment. Rev.Mr.Tatlock attended the meeting of the Detroit convocation at Jackson on Tuesday. Gottlieb Beuerle, jr., of Lansing, has been spending a few days with fnends in this city. Nathan Sutton left for Portland, Ore., yesterday, on account of the serious illness of hia son. Prof. Carhart received a telegram yesterday noon, announcing the death of his sister, who lives in the east. Mrs. Geo. E. Moore and Mrs. Chas. J. Shetterly are spending a few days with their brother, Wm.H.Shetterly, at Kalamazoo. Mrs. I. G. Lewis, of Chicago, has been spending a 'few days with her brother, C. S. Mülen. On Tuesday she was suddeuly called home on account of the death of her husband's youngest brother. L. C. Noble, master-mechanic of the Houston & Texas Central railway, has moved from Houston to Pi tsburg, Pa., where he will take charge of a carspring manufactorv. Mr. Noble is a brother of Mrs. N. W. Cheever. Mrs. A. M. Fall, mother of D. C. Fall, Mrs. Mary Johnson, mother of Mrs. D. C. Fall, and Mrs. Caroline Cotant, aunt of Mrs. D. C. Fall, took supper at the home of D. C. Fall one night last week, the combined ages of the three ladies being 214. Clement R.Stickney, A. B., '89, an Ann Arbor boy, is with J. E. Bolles & Co., Detroit, a firm extensively engaged in iron, brassand metal manufacture. Hetookas electives the practical work in mathematical and electrical engineering for the last two years of his A. B. course and one year of post gradúate work in the above and civil engineering.


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