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Alvin Wilsey

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The Beautïful GuilcL Ann Arbor, June 7th, 1890. ' MR.WILSEY, Dbab Sir:- I enclose the testimonial for which you asked. It givea me pleasure to send it to you, as I like my piano so mach. When you can mak e it convenient, come out and see how it has stood the wear and tear of nine years. Yours Truly, Lillib Baesslee. ♦ With regard to the Guild purchased of you nine years ago. lts tone is as mellow and sweet as ever, and in standing in tune I have never teen üs equal. Any one contemplating the purchase of a piano, will find it to their in terest to examine the Guild. . Respectfully, LlLLIE BaESSLER. The Guild has stood "wear and tear" better, and held its own better thaa any piano I have ever sold. Over 25,000 have been manufactured, and sold very largely in Boston and vicinity. The great uiusic publiahing house of Ditson & Co has sold over 800 of them in the City of Boston. The simple (patent) tuning device is the greatest improvement of the day, and will tave expense to the owner besides the satisfaction of having a piano conttantly in tune. The swinging music desk running the entire length of the piano is perfection They please, they sell. Why? See them, and you will learn. Manufactured in Boston for nearly thirty years. State Agent. 25 South Fourth St, Ann Arbor, Mich.


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