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Cow Stalls

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1 saw an ïnijiury a short timo ago ragardinp a cow stall, gaya a irriter in the Qhio Farmer. J havo Been none deIcribed likc mine, and will therefore lend it. I believe in a manure drop for Wie comfort and cleanlinoss of ali concerned. To have it serve the purpose every cow must stand right. so that the manure will bc dcposited in the drop. Cows vary inlength. and henöe stalls all of same length will not bring al) to the drop; they fall short or over-reach. My derice will remedy this difficulty. I make my stalls. lininif up between, boarding up in front to the desired height m thou?h 1 „tended to quit at that Steil, are 7', feet from front of manger to drop, .llowinff -m ■ fopt f manger which leaves 5 feet for the cow, but can be shortcned to SWÏeetlf necessary, by tho method I ghall now describe. Build stalls as above dirocted. Nail Btnps (a) for bottom of man-er on sides of stall, and other strips (b) at or near the top, all same 'listímce apart. -'ov build in bottom of nianger, 2} feet, m in ig. 1. Makoalightírame, OÍ .xíJ inch material, that will fit batween sides of stall in width. anH high enough to slipbetwoon top and bottom strips. This frame is shown in Fig 8. On this make the front of manger. Mine has a V-shaped cut as shown, but every one can suit his own faney as to that. Shp this portable front in placo and up to bottom of manffor; nail a block behind. also a block on each side attop (f), if this makes the stall too short for the cow loogen the front, take out mangor bottom boards warked d and e and pus), the front up to desired posiUon and secure as bofore. 1 -in lentrthen my stalls eighteen inohes, whichlthink is enougfh. If you uso a plain front manger the side strips a and Ir neod be onlyasfar spart as height of manier


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