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Washington, (et. 10. - Although thero is lots of work yet ahead of the census office, 'he greatest interest at present surroumls the approaching compietion of the eountof the country. This work is being rapidly pusbed forward and the resulta have been published by counties. The Jarger towns also have been eounted. but towns of less than 3,(iO.) people and the small villajes will have to wait for the second count before thcy can offlcially know the number of tbetr inhabitants. From the present outlook it would pear tliat lbr are not quito 64,000,000 of us. There are, tiowever, over (:i,000,000 of peoplo in the country, and sn advance of 18,000,000, such us tliat indicates, durin? ten years is or itself sufficiently extraordinary. Up to the present time thecei.sus office has completed the countof twentyeight States and Territories. These g-ive a total ol 8h,7t,ai3. 'J'ho returns from the row.aininff twenty States are all in and most of them have beencounted. But in each case there are one or more districts whloh have not vet boen figured up, so that the actual figures for the whole States can not yet be dotermined. All but six of these are Southern States. A sullicient number of Uistricts in each State have, however, been counted to affoi J a very close estímate of what will be the totals. These estimates have been flgured out and give a total of 24,470,218. Tl) is munber, added to the total of the twenty-eight States wbtch have heen oounted, gives a grand total for the whole country of 03,831,488, and it can be confidently asserted that the final official figures will not vary from tMs by more tban a quarter of a million. The following are the actual figures for the twenty-eight States whlch have been counted bv the census office: STATES. taiO, lbSO. IniT'nsr "f,ona; 69.600 40, U0 19,881 California 1,804,04) 8)14,094 839,808 Colorado 410.97B 194,387 2IÖ648 Conneotiout 745,86) (ö-'.riw 123 161 Delaware 1B7.718 146.60S 21,863 Distr et of Columbiu.. 849,790 1T7 IW4 w 17" Georgia 1,834,366 l.öia.iMO S9a'i86 Maho Ki.-'HJ 32,610 51,619 llana 2.iny.u:ii 1.978,301 2:072 i?w,a I.W6.723 1,624.615 282.114 i'aine 080.981 648,936 11, L.'.- Montana 181,799 ;w,159 M6t0 Mlobigon 2.(tW,7ie I,636,9.'i7 452,885 Massachusetts I.2SS.49T 1,788,083 450 3"2 Nebrjska 1,058,71 m.106 w!301 New Hampshirc 875.887 ax KM New Jersey 1, 411. 017 1,181,116 3OS)'90l New Mexico 144,863 119,665 88,257 Neva.da +1.:W7 62.266 17,939 Oklahoma 56MH4 Sk'0," i ■;, WM.ÏÏ8 imÓffl 4S,657 lüiode Islanil .'r4,-),:!4( 876,681 BHSl" íítan 8O3.4H8 l4S,98a K,5 Vermom, 38D.S86 81 Washington .-i,..,.-,,,, ;.,,II6 „4JO0 Weet Virjrlnla 760,44 618,467 14I.9HI Wlsoonsln 1,6H1,B31 1,815.40; m m lOJaV -ji.7.1 :;9x) i tío estimated population of ti, f remaining twenty States, based apon ibe returns airead y made, is as follow' : 8TAH. mn. IOT9i ., ,. A abaina 1,540,9 1,83450 ■:;;: Arkansus I.U4S.8TO H,65 l'M) N. and S. Dakoto .. MO.477 138 IT1 llir"1'1 wm.493 1-i'ao ■ ttols,.:; i 8,017.871 i :U83 '■■:iK''s 1.84 ..■■.' 996.096 . ; Ui Kontucky s.Oj .:ita 1,648,680 ; íw Li'Uislana i büi.bih k.46 Maryland I.iii.c.-ji 934W3 8)Vra Mlnnevot. I., xi.;t: 607455 J !- ipi-i' n.!i.:.!ir tm.7 Mlssri --.iü:, .1,1,; 8I-8360 n'. u-'rt New York.. 6J07.1W 5.08T.87I North Carolina 1,51,686 I,89!tB0 951 ni I BJ I.Sftí.8l 9 :,oit S..uth Carolina 1.174,7o7 995.577 r,":n"'1' i. ,9 a ve í?xo,s. 8.S84!Í8 I.5K1.749 r, ■,sii Virginia 1.816,063 I.S12386 :: 00


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