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The Majority Ol so-called cough-cures do little more than lmpair the digestive functions and créate bile. Ayer's Clierry Pectoral, on the contrary, while it cures the cough, does not interfere with the functions of eitlier stomach or liver. No other medicine is so safe and efficacious in diseases of the tliroat and lungs. "Fout ycars ago I took a severe cold, which was followed by a terrible cough. I was i iiy sick, and confined to my bed about four inonths. I cni])loyed a physician most of the time, who flnally said I was in consumption, and that he could uot help me. One of my neighbors advised me to try Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. I did so, and, before I had finished taking the first bottle was able to .sit up all the time, and to go out. By the time I had finished the bottle I was well, and have remained so ever since."- L. D. Bixby, Bartonsville, Vt. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, PREPARED BY DB. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass. Sold by all Druggist. Price $1 ; bIx bottles, $5. 1HAT SCGÍT'S CONSÜWPTIOM 2ïrJLU? scrofula FMII!(!ftM bronchitis mULv diR cOUCHS tUR COLDS V"" Wasting Diseasei Wondarful Flash Producer. Many 1 ,va gaiued one pottnd per day b; its use. Scott's Linulsicm is not a secret remedy. 't contains the stimulati&g propf lies of tha HypophospHtes au' pura Norwegian Cod Liver Oii tlio potency of both beinfi In rj ly increased. It ia used by Pnysici ns all orer the world. PAL ATABLE AS MILK. S: ' y all JDmggists. tCOTT i OWNK.Chmlsts.N.Y yjJhe Greatest Blood Pur fier IrviwwiN. m ■ I Thls Great Germán MertHno !s the#,. II lcheapest and best. 128dosc ntBUL-M I ■lPHUUBITTElíSfortI.00,1' - Uian# S I UI one cent a dose. It wlll cun' the# K jR worst cases of ekin disease, from# pn I lo coramon pimple on the iaccm if uS to that awful lisoase Scrofula.# fií Ul SULPHUR BITTEHS ia the# P II best medicine to use Ín aM í cases of euch Btubborn amlY'oiir lid II "Eral .BLUE PILLS JulphürQ II ormercury, they are deadITTI . ' " Ht Illy. Placo your trust in#y"arcf' cfk'?, I 1 1 the purest and best#ya us0 M medicine evcr madc '-WfaMgx lfmfi I Üwithayel1ow8t!eky#Don'twa'tuntil yoTlü ■) Di substance? Isyour#are unable to walk, or R] ■ llbreath foul ánd#are flat on your back, 1 1 WHofieneire? Your#butget sonie at once, lt III Hlstomach is out#wlll cureyou. Sulphur ■Bof order. Use#Bittera is B8üBiSsTheInTalid'8Friend.! ■Slmmec liately#rhe yowng, the aged and =3 II ís I'0" Ur.#tering are soon made well by H Mine thick.its use. Rememncr wbat vou 1 1 llropy, clo-read here, ít may save your 1 1 lludy, or#íife, lt has Baved hiindreds.l MTon'i wait until to-monow, 13 Try a Bottle To-day! Q o" M Are you low-spirited ani ■weak.lJI 3 mor suffering tan the cxceaees of III #youth? Ií 80, SULPHUU ÜIÏTÜEsl Wwill cure you. I Send 3 2-cent stamps to A. P. ürchvay & t'o., I Boston, Mass., for best medical work publishel? TMOTHERS JRIEND" tefe I BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO. ATLANTAn solo er all oruggists. un BOLDBY I C.'E. EBEBBACH. bfjEUMATlSii licMFs Bnaamatic Piasters. IK5TAST EH.IÜF TOB iu EBEITHATIO PAtS8. j ■ Srp.E ccfk forRhenmati8m,NenrlgiBHi.Scintica. ■ fco.d hy drngf;i!it eTerywhere, or by mail, 23 crata. HoveHr l'laatsr Works, J1.i-3. "Maneéis Specific, " , CURES ■oiTouneliility, Kxliiinxiinii, Premature Detn-, IVrliiil or Tolal Impoteucy, aud All WEAKness arising from over-taxation of mind or body. MEN 1ri?S'Í(ng "!? í1!0 I)i8'a'8 d -weakness thst hare ■i. youthml tmprudonen can relv on a speedv and manent restoratiou to health andliappiní Ttrï"'"" 2-00 by ma" necurely sealed. t remíSS JX'r""";f Pflys]í'an. nd may be relied on ia ft to the notloe of the Mrdical Profeuion ' OffloeandLaboratoryJfono!p8peclio 13 E. 30th 8t. New York City.


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