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l'ï IBÍFATCATIOX. Dlflerent Methods of Followlng the 1 1 f iiimi ion ■ .,, , One Anolher." Do men fall in love with each other? Women do. Not long aeo a young woman in New Jersey was inarried to a youthful laborer on her father's farm. Sometime afterwards it was disoovered that the husbaud was a female ; the young wife refused, however, though earnestly entreated by her friends, to give up her chosen consort. The strange part of the discovery was the fact that the bride knew her husband was a woman before she was led to the altar. If men do not exhibit this strange infatuation for one of their own sex, they at least oftentimes give evidence of the fact that they love one another. There are many more instances where men have given life to another. It is a proud possession - the knowledge that one has saved a precious human life. Meriden, Conn., is the home of such a happy man. John H. Preston, of that city, July 11, 1890, writes: "Five years ago I was taken very sick, l Had several of the best doctors, and one and all called ita complication of diseases. I was sick four years.takins; prescriptions prescribed by these same doctors, and I truthfully state I never expected togetany better. At this time I comraenced to have the most terriable pains in my back. One day an cld friend of min. Mr. R. T. Cook of the firm of Curtís & Cook advised me to try Warner's Sí. le Cure, as he had been troubled the same way and it had effected a cure for him. I bought six bottles, took the medicine as directed and am to-day a well man. I am sure no one ever had a worse case of kidney and liver trouble than I had. Before this I was always against proprietary medicine but not now, oh, no." Friendship expresaes itself in very peculiar ways sometimes but the true friend is a friend in need. "What is probably the largest rose bush in the world grows alongside the residence cf Dr. E. B. Mathews, in Mobile, Ala. It was planted in 1813, and now covers the entire house and neighboring trees. Heallb and Long Lire. Allopaths and Honioeopaths agree that Loose's Extract Red Clover stands at the head of the list as an Alterativa and Blood Purifier and prescribe it. Chicago, III., Jan. 21, 1889. J.M.Loose Red Clover Co.,Detroit,Mich. Gentlemen- I have used your Extract of Red Clover since 1882 quite extensively. It has served me well in all those cases of ascrofoulus diathesis. In fact I used it in all diseased conditions of the blood alone or in combination with other remedies. Your Extract of Red Clover stands at the head of the list as an Alterativo and Blood Purifier. Yours, De. J. Lamoreax. , _, „ _ Rockwood, Mich. J . M. Loose Eed Clover Co. : I have used your Fluid Extract of Red Claver Blossom, prescribed by Dr. A. I. Sawyor.Monroe.Mich., and have deri ved great benefit fromthesame.afterhaving suffered a great deal for years Respectfully, Helen C. Millman. Why suffer with any blood disease when our Extract Red Clover wfll cure you. Write for further information. For Sale by Eberbach & Son


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