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Dovrn the School House Ruig. EdwardConnor, drunk, was fined $5.15 on Monday. ____ A. D. Markham, of this city, bas obtained a pension. J. T. Jacobs lias resigned the position of Indian commissioner. Jas. Carroll, on Friday last, was iined $5.20 for being drunk. The courdy schools must not be polluled by partisan politics. The circuit court adjourned on Monday to next Monday at 10 a. m. Earl Austin and Mies Mamie Bruegel are now clerking for Schairer & Millen. Vote for the onc-armed soldier, W. J. Clark. He will make o good officer. Fred Reichenecker was married on Tuesday evening to Miss Clara Stollsteimer. Hugh Iioss and Frederick Foreman were admitted to citizenship on Monday last. Hon. T. F. Moore. prohibition canrüdate for conress, will speak this evening in Cropsey's hall. Sixty-two new members joined tlie Unity Club at its opening social, last Monday evening. E. T. Walker has sold his Stale-st property in Ann Arbor to the Metho dist guild for $4,500. Dr. Geo. M. Beakes, father of S. W. Beakes, of this city, is a candidato for the New York assembly. TT. O. Dieterle did not seek the office to wlnch he will bc elected next November. A we all know, Arthur Brown did. Fire broke out in the basement of the Beta Theta Pi house, last Friday, but it was eoon extingulshed. Hon. J. C. Burrows will speak in this city to-morrow evening, the date having been changed back to the 24th. Sheriff Dwyer has indeed been a " terror lo horsethievet." Capt. H. S. Boutelle would be equally obnoxious to criminal. Bnrglars tried to break into the house of Mrs. J. Schumacher, on Saturday night last, but were frightened away. Citizens of Washtenaw, rite to the defense of our county schools ! Eebuke the ring which hat brought them into politics ! During the years 1889 and 1890, Washteuaw county incurred an expense of $4.55 for the care of its indigent blind at Lansingj Lehman's is the master hand which has done most to bring the county schools into politici. Vote for A. F. Freeman, of Manchester. John A. McKillop and Mrs. Kate Sweilzer, both of Ontario, Canada, were married by Rev. Samuel D. Breed on 0e 2lst inst. The Misses Gretta and Belle Mulison gave a card party to a number of friends on Friday evening last, at their hume on South Twelfth-Bt. The republican county committ' c have invited the students' república" club to attend in a body the meeting of to murrow night. Rr publican volers, do not fail to regitt' r on tlie 28ii. Every voter, old or new, mtisl regisier on eilher the 28th or 29th or losehts vote. The eum of $49.30 is due the Detroit House of Correction fur the board and care of four prisoners sent there during tbe jmst three months. PliilipBach waBgivenaBurprise party on Monday evening, the occasion beintr h's seventieth birthday. Many of the old pioneers were present. Tl.e school-house ring, if succeisful th fatt.will control three fat offices, worth i:i the aggregate not much less than $(,000. Ihink oj il voters ! Supervisor Burílese, of Manchester was severely kicked in the small of the back, by a colt, on Saturday last. His recovery is as yet doubtful. Emil Jenter, an rid Ann Arbor boy, now a resident of Manchester, will be married at the latter place, this evening, to Miss Anna Schaible. Ko democratie paper which supports Brou-n has, as yet, dared to deny that kis nomination was secured by the most disreputable manipulalion of caucuses. The officers of the street railway say that they have no intention of extending the line this fall. The petitioners and protesters may, therefore, rest easy. Ralph Ilicks was convicted on Monday of having shot rifle balls into the house ofD. F. Allmendinger, and wasreleased on promise of good behavior in the future. Eighteen horses, purchased in this vicinity, were Bhipped to St. Ignace on Monday morning. A team formerly belonging to Z. A. Sweet was among the number. W. G. Doty.B.F. Watts, M. C. LeBeau, D. C. Fall, A. C. Nichols, J. K. Miner, and others went to Jackson, last evtjiing, to take partin a Knights Temj.Ur celebration. Arthur Broum is o popular young man, but he toill find out, on November 4, when the majority for Wm. G.Dieterle is counted, that il does nol pay to use disreputable political methods. Mr. McLaughlin, president of the Ann Arbor street railway company, requests that parents prevent their children from catching on the cars, thus protecting them from possible injury. Mts. J. Douglas Stevens died at Bay City on ïuesday. She was Vishing her daughter at the time. Her remains will be brought to this city to-day .mi interred in Forest Hill cemetery. Arthur Brown and Michael J. Lehman are both " good fellows"-but they can't work the ichool "racket" without bringing down upon their heads the curses of all intelligent citizens of Woshtenaw county. Albert Bond, republican candidate for state senator, was in the city yesterday. He does not expect to overeóme the 1,600 majority against him, but is confldent that he can lower it considerably. Miss Sarah Fletcher, on S. Fifth-ave, feels quite happy over her premium on canned fruit and jellies, givenat the Detroit Exposition and at our Waslitenaw county fair, amounting in all to over $20. _ ___ The reception which was to have been eiven to-morrow evening by Prof anti Mrs H. B. Carhart, at their residence on Monroe-Bt, has been postponed on account of the sudden death of Prof. Carhart's sister. On Monday, William H. Wells, of Detroit, formerly of this city, made eomplaint before Justice Pond apainst Zina P. King for embezzlement of the alumni funds. His examination will take place on Tuesday morning next. On Monday evening last, about eleven o'clock, the trolley on one of the street ars süpped and struck the telephone wire which leads into the store of Williams & Son. The wood-work near the telephone was seorched but did not take lire. _____ A certain young man, on Friday last, swore out a warrant for the arrest of a ceitain young woman, charged with t-tealing a scaf pin from the aforesaid y ouniíman. The jewelery was returned , lut the young man has lost his faith in womankind. William Walsh and Ed. Clancy have purchased the stock of Fred Retticn and will soon take charge of the saloon. The former will resign the marshalship immedirttely. The many friends of our genial marsbal will regret that he has into a business which is so far benexth him. The president of th Baptist state conventroñ, Rev. Dr. Holmes, of Bay City, carne from Detroit last week, beanng a Kpecial message of sympathy and affection to K-v. Dr. Haskell, of this city, who was .letained by serious ïllness, for the first time in many years, from Httendance at its session. The monthly meeting of the Wafhfjnaw pomological society will be held, Xov. 1, in the court house at 2 p. m. Important business will come up. There will be an exhibition of chrysanthe mums and of fruits. "All, especially fruit growers, are cordially invited. 0 Tuoiney, of Marysville, Mo., brother of Will Tuomey and a former resident of Dexter, wh struek by a cable car in St. Louis, last Thursday, and suffered a fractnre i the ppine. It is feared he cannot re.over. Only the day before he wan mnried to an estimable young lady of Marysville. The Choral Union teries of concerts begins November lst with a concert by the celebrated pianist, Miss Adele aus der Ohe, assisted by MissMary Buckley, of Detroit. Secure your tickets immediately, and thns make a greater succes? of this season's concerts than tho?e of last year. Tickets may be secured from Profs. Stanley, dePont, Wines or G. R. Haviland. The following amounts are dne the poor fund from citieé" and towns for the care of their poor at the county house during the past year: Ann Arbor city, 1892 59; Ann Arbor town, $183.30; Augusta, $61.10; Lodi, $106.46; Lima, $61.10; Manchester, $122.20; Northfield, $61.10; Pittsfield, $5 38 Superior, $61.10; Sharon, $65.13 ; Sylvan, $148.23; Saline, 876 37 ; Scio, $305 85 ; Webster, $61.10 ; Ypsilanti town, 118.17; Ypsilanti city, $642.21; total, $3,03137. The following dirertors and officers for the Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti Street Railway Company, were elected on Friday morning last": Julius E. Beal. resident; Henry P. Glover vice president; JoeT. Jacobs, secretary; Daniel L.Quirk, treasurer ; Charles D. Haines, Chas. E. Hiscock, Dr. Jno. Watling, directora. Mr. Haines says the company already are flfty men and would employ 500, if they could secure them. It is their intention to build the road to Ann Arbor at once. The Patrons of Industry nominated the following county officers at their convention held at Dexter last Saturday : Sheriff, Charles D. Johnson, of Dexter ; clerk, G. W. Merrill, of Webster; treasurer, K. P. Chase, of Sylvan; register of deeds, J. N. Merchant, of Lima; prosecuting attorney, George R. Wilüams, of Milan; circuit court commissionere, Warren K. Walker, of Ann Arbor, and JameR T. Honey, of Scio ; coroners, Horace Baldwin, of Lima, and W. D. Smith, of Dextei ; suryeyor, John K. Yocum, of Sylvan. Just fifty years ago Tast Monday, says Daniel P. Brown, une of Ann Arbor's oldest pioneers, tlie Michigan Central railway was built into Ann Arbor. A grand celebration was held at the west side of the court yard, General CaBsbeing the lion of the occasion. The weather at the time was so warm that the speaker was forced to appearin his shirt sleeves. Mr. Brown remembers the celebration very vividly, although he is now ninety years oíd. He will be remembered as one of the ten men who gave the campus to the state. The tbirteenth annual convention of the W. C. T. U. of Washtenaw county will be held in the Congregational ctiurch of Ann Arbor, Thureday and Friday, October 30 and 81. Oq Thursday, reports of unions and work of the superintendente of different branches, .followed by discussion ofvarious subjects, will be the order of the day. In the evening, Profs. Hinsdale and Steere will address the andience, and Mrs. TrueWöod will recite, and Friday evening Uev. Mr. Gelston will speak. All are cordially invited to attend all the meetings. Tne next meeting of tne Michigan Schoolraasters' Cluli will be held at Ann Arbor, in room 24, University Hall, on Saturday November 1, 1890. The program is as follows : 9.00 a. m.- TJniversity Recognition of High School Preparation in Botany and Chemistry.- J. O. Reed, Saginaw, and H. N. Chute, Ann Arbor; 9:40 a. m.- Election of Ofiicers; 10:20 a. m.- Modern Languages in the Smaller High Schools.- J. H. Sheffield, Muskegon ; 11:00 a. m.- How I Interest my Pupils in History. - Mre. Francés S. Mosher, Hillsdale College; 2-.Í5O p. m.- A Germán Gymansium compared with e Michigan High School.- Prof. Calvin Thomas, University of Michigan; :!:20 p. m.- Needs and Deliciencies of Our High Schools.- W. S. Perry, Ann Arbor ; U. V. Putnam, Ypsilanti ; W. H.Cheever, Lansing, and C. F. Adama, Detroit; 4:10 r. m- General Discussion on the above topics. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob F. St, Clair, of Miller-ave, invited their friends and rölatives to assist in celebrating their leather wedding, on last Saturday, the 18th. Many guests were present, who broupht with them numerous presenta. All liad a very pleasant time, and were unanimous in their desires tbat the host and hostess should enjoy a long life of happiness and prosperity. E. B. Conrad, class of '90 U. of M., on October l.accepted a position as assistant superintendent of the M. T. Davidson steani pump company of Brooklyn, N. Y., who employ ninety men. He also has charge of setting the boilers and pumps at the Millburn pumping station, one of the largest on Long Island, which supplies Brooklyn with 30,000,000 gallons of water per day. That a student, only three months after graduating, can fill such an important position speaks well for the training received in the mechanical department of our university.


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