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Real Estate Transfers

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The real estáte transfers for the week ending November 8, were as follows : H. Laraway to F. and M. Sackow, eJ4 w% se M kc 81, Salem, also 10 aerea seca superior 2,100 Mary ■'aokow to H. Laraway, wJ4 e!4 "Í4 sec 35, Salem - 800 R. Kempf to A. F. Klrkwood. 5 acres, wilh oíd saw mili, east of venter of Sharun village roftd. Sharun 600 Jas. McMahoii to C. D McMahon. part of n'A te sec 17, also e! !4 sec 17, aleo w ïs acr s frum w bide of swí sw% wc 15, Manchesier, 5,500 Jdo. Gilmore to Jno. Lawsou, land beween Wabash K. K. mul w section line, sec 15, Augusta 200 Clara . Untt to George Clark, lot 19, J. B. Uotfs 2nd add, Anu Arbor 200 Lizz:e Davis to Hanna Grave:, pait of lot '2, bloeit 8, Brown Si Kuller's add, Ann Arbor 1,600 Martha Mitchell to L. Eichelbach, ul4 wc ■6. Lima, 8,100 Jno. Mar in to Jethro Maybee, bloclc '2. Panridge's add, Ann Arbor, 125 Auditor General to H. Welen, lot 131, Bartholemew'sadd. Ypüilanti 5 11. Welen to N. and B. Krause, lnts 1.6, 131, 132. and 133, Bartholeinew's add. Ypsllauti 1,000 Murga rat Burkhardt toC. Scnumactier, part of eH swJi sec 7. Manchentar 720 Lawreuie btianaliau to J. and L Shanahau 417 acres of land In Augusta 15.C00 George Tuthill. by helr, to A. Y. Tuihlll, lotï, blucH. Manchester 1,003 Elizabeih Wines to ü. U. Worden, part of w 'A uel4 sec 10. Lodl 3:0 B. M. Mcl.owell to W. and A. Ponto, lois 2 and 4 block 2, David Ubcock's add, Ann Arbor 1,000 Mack & Schmiil to Johauna Downs, lots 2 and 3, Partildge's add, Ann Aibur 130 Ql'IT CLAIMS. MargRret Burkhardt to C. Schumacher, n 24 acres ol pait of ei evi'i sec 7, lyiug s of rtiilroad, Manchester 229 8. H. M.ire. oy ex. to Har iet Welch, lot 131, liartholomevv's add Yinilauti, 1 Total number of transfers 19, amounting38,560 tü