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Real Estate Transfers

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The real estáte transfers for ihe week ciidiüf; Pi'ccmber SO., w ere as follows: Elmer Foor to Geo. Lamiere, 4 acres in n w cor, s %, n w %, s w í, sec. 33, Manchester $ 40 Charlee McCormick to Henry P. Glover, lote 5 and 21, MeCormick's subd.,Ypsilanti ciíy,and part of lot 12,s e 'i, sec. 5, Vpsilaini tnwu 400 Margaret Boss to Eniauuel Alber, s Ví, e K uw.eec. 32,Lodl 1,000 Anna M. Alchin, by ex., to Volney E Dav enport. part of u w 'í sec 28, York 625 Arba 8. Va Valkenburg to Volney E. Davcnpoit, lois 1, 2, 3 and 4, block 1 sof range 1 w, and land situated between s Une of Iota 1, 7 and Saline rlver, York 1,000 Hamilton, Kose, Sheehan to Ixmis Rhode, lot 1, block 2, 11. R. & 8. add, Aun Arbor 400 Simón 1'. Preston lo Henry E. Morris, lot 44. Kviint'ti'sadil. Saline Tillage, 75 Elltnti to Charles Peppiatt, s w i, u e l w. 23, Augusta 500 George IlartH to Chas I'cppiatt, n w %, n e 14 ec. 13, Augusta 1,200 Herman 1). Cook to Couch V. Dorr, n w %, n w í bcc. 16, and n e Vi, n w i, sec. )5, Shao;i '. 2,000 S L. Shaw to 11. C. K. K. Co., part of "furnace lot," lorris and Cross add., Ypsi lanti 250 F. E. Kentiug, by admr., to F. J. Keating, Ann Arbor 471 Louis Rhodcs to M. Rooncy. 'and on Dixboro roaod Gr Broadway.Ann Arbor... . 68 (ÜIT CLAIMS. II. J. amptell to D. il. Hunt, w l4, s e !4 ecc.33, Webste '. % Wm. Turner, by heirs, to Eineline Thompson, se.fieW.seW sec. 33. and s w % !ii sec. 84, s i s w ]4 s c 14 sec. 33, Dexter 1,100 M. VanGieson (o Thos Van Gieson et al, Jíqc! i-cc 21, purt of 8 o % kec 21; 10 aeren off s pan of n }4, e J4 s e.aec.21 part ftl'8 w '-í s w ]4, sec. 22, Bridgewater 27-5 Reynolds & Tnylor to Geo Taj-lur, lot 4, Gay'nplat, ililan 1 Ed. A.Ohase to I). A Fuller, 10 acres off, e side neJiwJi sec 35; 10 acres off o 3ide s e V s w XL sec 35, part of w A s o Xec, 35, Salem „ 1 A.D. Kuiler to K. A. Chase, n e fractlonal 14 n w yA nee. 2; n w % n e xí sec. 2. .Superior; fcix acris in s o cornor w .L s e Yi ec. 35, Fnlcm 1