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Ann Arbor ia not a Duluth or Seattle, but it is nevertheless far from a dead village. It is doubtful if any other city in the state of its size can show a better reccrd for the year 1890. Not less than 106 new houses were in process of erection during that tinp. Several of these were commenced ui 1SS9, and some are not yet completed, but these are few in number. Considerable repairing has also been done. ïhere has been much activtty in the manufacturing indus. tries. The Peninsular Soap Factory was completed in January. In the spring the Ann Arbor Brick and Tile Company established extensivo works. In thesummer the Fruit and Vinegar fac. tory was greatly enlarged. In the fall a new blacksmith shop was adde 1 to the plant of the Agricultural works. A dry kiln was built by the Furniture company, and several other industries expended considerable money for repairs. Several of the churches have madeimproveraents, notably the Episcopal, íongregational and Presbyterian. The Disciples church has been built at an expense of some $17,000. It is a beautiful struoture. On the campus, a $21,000 chemical laboratory has been completed, and the foundation for the new $80,000 hospital is fast assuming shape. The new McMillan hall, built through thp generosity of the senior ; senator of Michigan and Mrs. Sackett, of this city, Í8fastapproachingcomjletion. It is designed as a home for the Presbyterian students of the Univereity. The largest single item in the list of ïmprovmentt is the new e'ectric railway, built at expense of $70,000. The inter urban road, whose cars are just commencing to run, is also, in a large measure, an Ann Arbor enterptise. Not alone in material wealth, but in beauty as well has our fair city progressed. Through the liberality and public spirit of Messrs. Hamilton, Rose andSheehan, a fine park, which bears the name of the first named tierttlernan, has been established on South State-st. It conJ tains eight and one half acres of ground I and is beautifully laid cut. Much attenÍtion has been given, during the past year, I il heautifying the streets. The curbing has been extended, trees have been planted and many fine new walks have been laid down. The separate improvements, classified by wards, are given below. First appears the name of the owner, then the location,the nature of the improvement, the name of the contractor, where these is one, and lastly the value. Much care has been given to the gathering of these Statistic., but it is not unlikely that isome mistakes have crept in uñavoidably. FIRST WARD. Mrs. J. C. Schryver, S. State-st, new J house- Gates Bros., $3,000. Mrs. B. A Beal, imp. on house, MaVnard-st - Jacobus, $175. Mise C. A. Sager, S. State st, repairs on hose- Mensing, $709. Mrs. Victoria Morris, Jefferson-st, imp. -Mensing, $1,500. G. F. Öiein, repairs on brick block, Fourth-ave- Jacobus, $135. Levi D. Wines, S. State-st, imp., $1,000. Miss Cynthia A. Sager, new block, S. State-et- Mensing, $11,000. Mrs. Victoria Morris, E. Jefl'erson-st. new house- Mensing, $4,000. John Lowry, Monroe-st, new house, -Mensing, $1,000. Mrs. White, Packard-st, imp.- Wins.low & Ho we, $150. Mrs. Arnold,S. Fourth-ave, new house - Henry Mensing, $1,000. Mrs. C. H. Benedict, Fifth-ave, new house- Winslow & Howe, $3.500. Mrs. E. D. Kinne, imp. S. Fifth-ave- Winslow & Howe, $1,000. Mrs. K. A. Beal, S. Fifth-aye, repairs- Winslow & Howe, $400. W. F. Stimson, E. Liberty-st, new house - Winslow & Howe, $3,000. Mrs. CatherineMogk.Packard-st.imp. - Fruhauf, $140. Seabolt & Allmondinger, blacksmith shop, Fourth-ave- Niethammer, $3.000. Tappan Hall, built by Senator McMillan, Si State-st, (incomplete)- J. L. Gearing & Sons, of Detroit, $20,000. W. W. Bliss, Williams-st. new house ■ - Sauer, $2,500. Hamilton, Rose & Sheehan, imp. on park and addition, $2,500. John Brokaw, H. R. & S. add, new house, 1,000. Wm. Chamberlain, H. R. & S. add, new house, $2,500. Hamilton.Rose and Sheehan, S. State st, 4 new houses- Kitson, $10,000. Mrs. Motley, Jerlerson-st, imp.- Hammond, $350. J. H. Outting, Monroe-st, new house -Hammond, {25,000. L. M. Stevens, fitting up bath rooms, Huron-st- Copeland, $175. John Miller, Brown-st, new barn, et, add. to house, Thomp"00. )■ !)- lTerson-st, add. to 0:utt, $200. ■;, imp. on house, Libertychurch, repairs, $1,200. ■ loth, Liberty-st, new house 000. rhaler, E. liurou-st, add. to $700. ■i.imilton, State-st, imp. lochanics bank, imp. - , imp., Divisiou-st, $450. F. Piütorius, Packard-st, new house, $3900. Mrs. M. A. Sheridan, Hill-st, new house- Curtiss, $1,000. Congregational church, imp., $500. J. J. Goodyear, repairs on store, Huron-st, $1,000 Peninsular Soap factory, Main-st, 34,000. Mack & S 'hmid, Fourth-ave, add to house, $175. Mack &Schmid. S. Main-st, new house - Wal!, $1,200. Albert Gwinner, Ashley-st, new house -Niet ham mer, $2,000. Number of new houses, 18; value $46, 600. SECOND WARD. Mrs. J. G. Hoffstetter, W. Libertyst, remodeling house - Kitson, $1,200. D. F. Allmendinger, W. Washingtonst, flowing well. $100. D. F. Allmendinger, new house, W. Washington-st- Walz, $2,100. William Helft, W. Jefferson-st, new house- Fruhauf, $1,100, . Matthias Lutz, Liberty-st, add. to house - Nitithammer, $250. L. Gruner, add. to store, Main-st. - Niethamruer, $1,000. LeonarJ Blake, V. Washington-st, new house - Kitson, $1 000. August Kowalski, W. Fourth st, add. to house - Sauer, $450. Jacob Werner, W. Washington-st, new house- Sauer, $2,000. C H. Worden, new store front, Mainst- Copeland, $500. Victor Smith, Third-st, new house, $1,000. Gottlob Schneider, Ashley-st. new house- Walz, $500. Mrs. L. Dolle, Ashley-st, new house- Walz, $400. Julius ÏTims, W. Seventh-st, new house- Koeh, $800. Geo. Better, W. Seventh-st, newhouse - Koeh, $950. Lewis Kurtz, new house, Fifth-st - Eiting, $1,100. Wüliam Hiller, Seventh-st, new house -Walz, $1,100. Christopher YViegand, Mosely-st, new heuse- Welker, $900. Wra. Ilerz, new house, W. Hnron-st - Walz, 3,000. Geo. Stabler, new house, W. Huron8t- Aïman, $1,200. John Hunt, Main-st, repairs on store - Orcutt. $1,200. Hutzel Bros., W. Washington-st, new house- Helber, $1,800. W. J. Just, two new hoase.s, Ashiest- Walz, $5,000. Hart & Bullis, imp. on foundry, $600. Luick Bros, W. Fifth-st, four new houses, $4,000. Martin & Fisher, Western brewery, imp.- Koeh and Eiting, $-1.500. .Michigan Furniture Co., dry kiln etc, f2,000. Allmendinger & Sehneider, cooper shop, SI, 000. Allmendinger & Schneider, repairs on mi 11 SI, 500. Allmendinger Piano and Organ Co.. roou, tuning room, etc, $1.250. Ann Arhor Fruit and Vinegar works - Winslnw & Howe, $6,000. Emil Baur, W. Huron-st, imp.- Scott, $500. Number of new hou3e3, 22; va.ue, $29,900. TIIIKI) WARD. William Kuehn, W. First-st, add. to house - Niethatnmer, SCOO. Doiuild Mclntyre, W. Huron-st. new house - Mensing, $3.500. John Krumri, Summit-st, new house - Fruehauf $1,100. Bycraft, Spring-sr, new house - Mason, $1,100. Alfred Imus, N. Main-st, new house - Sauer, $800. Geo. Leonard, Aehley-st, new house, $1,500. Chase Dow, N. First-st, new house- Ho ward, $1,200. John Rose, Ann-st, new house- Wooley, $1,500. J. J. Ferguson, Summit-st, new house, $900. Hiscock & Wood, coal sheds, imp., $200. D. Hiscock, N. Main-st, imp., $200. James Saunders, N. Main-st, new barn, $300. Henry Allmendinger, Felch-st, imp., $150. Thomas Taylor, imp., Spring-st, $300. Geo. Johnson, Brooks-st, new house, $100. Archer Bros., Brooks-st, new house, $150. AdolfWolter, Brooks-st, new house, $200. R. C. Barney, repairs on store building and norse sheds, $2.000. Fred Besimer, two houses and barn, N. Main-st- Comiskie, $2,900. S. P. Banfield, Summit-st, repairs, $200. Wm. Clancy, N. Fourth-ave, add , $900. Ann Arbor Brick and Tile Works, $6,000. Number of new houses, 13; value, $15,300. FOURTH WARD." David Rinsey, repairs on house, N. Division-st- Ross, 83,500 David Rinsey, N. Division-st, new house and barn- Ross, $7,600. Episcopal church, new chancel and repairs- Ross, $2,500. Wm. F. Johnson, E. Ann-st, new house - Swartout, $1,000. Dr. J. N. Martin, N. state-st, repairs - Jaeobus, $165. Gottlieb Stark, Beakes-st, new barn - Jaeobus, $195. F. A. Howlett, E. Ann-st, new barn - Jaeobus, $265. Methodist society, imp. on parsonage, State-st- Jaeobus, $130. C. E. Godfrey, store house, E. North-' st- Jaeobus, $900. Dr. J. W. Morton, house and barn, Ann-st- Fruhauf, $2,600. Mrs. Herman Krapf, Detroit-st, new house- Mason, $2,700. Jas. McMahon, Detroit-st, imp. - Mason, $150. C. R. WLUman, E. Huron-st, new house (incomplete) - Biggs, $10,000. Giles Lee, imp., Ann-st- Orcutt, $2,500. Rev. J. W. Crippen, Ann-st, imp. - Kitson, $125. A. A. Kent, N. Thayer-st, new house, - Kitson, $1.500. Margaret Eister, Fuller-st, imp., $300. N. A. Prudden, imp., N. State-st, $125. J. L. P. McAllister, new house and barn, Thayer-st, $2,800. H. G. Prettyman, add. to house, N. University-ave- Orcutt, $1,200. Serond Baptist cburch, completing building, $400. Luick Bros., Fourth-ave., repairing, $1,200. John Christensen, Beakes-st, new house, $900P. W. Moore, new barn, Elizabeth-st - Scott, $130. Dr. C. B. Nancrede, Ingalla-st, add. to house - Gates, $350. Mrs. H. S. Frieze, Elizabeth-st, new house,- Gates, $2,400. Mrs. B. Foley, new barn, Huron-st, $200. W. VV. Beman, North-st, new house - Warner, $4,500. Cornelina Balus, Ann-st, add to house, $250. University hospital, expended this year- Biggs, $5,000. Mc. C. LeBeau, add. to house, N. Thayer-st- Fruhauf, $900. Mrs. C. P. Ellis, imp. on store, Ann-st - Niethammer, $450. Number of new houses, 10; value $36,000. FIFTH WAED. Mr?. Lizzie Davis, imp., Wall-st - Fruhauf, $500. John Downs, Pontiac-st, new house - Fruhauf, $500. Jethro Maybee, Pear-st, imp., $200. N. J. Klein, Pear-st, new house $500. Geo. Weeks, Broadway-st, imp. - Fruhauf, 8110. Earl Ware, Broadway-st, new house - Mason, $900. Mrs. Sarah C. Fi her,Traver-st, imp.- Mason, $120. Agricultnral Works, blacksmith shop, $1,750; machinery, $500; total $2,250. Xumber of new house?, 3; value, $1,900. SIXTII WAR. Jaraes Tolbert, S. Twelflb-st, new house - Roks, $3,000. Mr-:. M. B. Eyan, Ohservatory-st, new hous? - Jacobus, $1,500. Mrs. Israel Hall, hrirk house, VollandBt- Jacobuí, $2,700. Miss Bmith. 13th-Pt. add.- BlitOD,$li0. Uustave Fellows, BeNer-st, new house - Jacobus, SI, 200. James ïolberr, S. Twelfth-st, new house, (incomplete)- Bliton, $2,000. J. P. Judson, E. University-ave, new house- Bliton, 32,000. Mrs. M. E. Wells, S. State-et, add.- BI i ron, S200. Miss Lucinda, new house, E. Huron-s-t- Bliton, $2 800. .Mrs. M. A. Lukins, new house, E. H'iron st- Bliton. $2,800. J. P. Judson, E. Uuiversity-ave, new h..:ise- Bliton, $1,500. A. H. Holmes, add. to barn, Forestavt- Bliton, $1,000. Mrs. Wrijrht, new house, (incomplete) State-st- Mensing, $0,000. Mra S. A. Hardy, Washington-ave, 2 new houses- Mensing, $6,000. H. M. Frost, new house, tí. Ingalls-st - Winslow êf Howe, $3,000. Fred. Hoffman, S. Ingalls-st, new house- Winslow & Howe, $2,200. Mrs. E. Smith. Washtenaw-ave, new house - Biggs, 2,500. Mrs. Israel Hall, Hill-st, two new houses- Bijjgs, $6,000. Disciples' church, S. University-ave, - Biegs, $12,000. Mrs. Uarriet Eastwood, S. Universityave, imp.- Biggs, $700. E. A. Calkins. Willard-st, new house - Kitsou, $1,500. Mrs. W. B. Jolly, Washtenaw-ave, imp.- Kitson, $400. H. A. Kitson, Geddes-ave, new house -Kitson, $1,000. Ed, Kit on, Geddes-ave, new house - Kitsou, $1,600. A. J. Muuanaery Observatory-st, new house- Kitson, $1,600. A. J. Kitson, Volland-st, new house - Kitson, SI, 100. Mrs. L. D. Howe, Wilmot-st, new house- Davis, $975. M. J. Ca ranaugh, Wilmot-st, new house - Sauer, $2,500. E. B. Korri , Wilmot st, new house, -Sauer, $2,500. Miss Sarah M. Gardner, new house, Washtenaw-ave, (incomplete) - Copeland, $3,000. Win. Burke, S. Ingalls-st, repairs on burned house- Hammond, $1,750. Calvin Thomas, Hill-st, new house- Hammond, 84,800. Win. Condón, S. University-ave, repairs-Hammond, $1,000. Mrs. E. A. Rathbone, S. State-st, new house- Wines, $2,500. General Repairs (University $4,000. Addition to Chemical laboratory commenced Oct. 1, 1889, $21,000. Mrs. Israel Hall, Volland-st, new house- Scott, $2,500. W. Welsh, Packard-st, add. to house, $800. Chas. Tessmer, E. University-ave, new house- Swartout, $1,200. M. E. Swartout, Packard-st, new house, $1,600. Leech, Monroe-st, new house, $2,200. A. C. McLaughlin, Church-st, new house, $2,800. II. T. Morton, Forest-ave, new house, $6,000. H. T. Morton, Church-st, new house, $800. L. S. Parr, imp., E. University-ave, $1.000. Mrs. A. White, Geddes-ave, new house, $800. Mrs. A. M. Fincham, new house, Church-st- Fruhauf, $2,000. Curtiss,Church-st, new house, (incom - plete) $2.000. L. H. Clements, two new houses, Ingalls-st, S3,ö00. ' Number of new houses, 40; value, $94,275. EÏCAPITULATION. New residences (100)- average, Í2.U3.44 apieco $224.025 General repairs on houses and stores - estimated 70,000 Church improvements- including the McMillan Hall , S6.S0O Stores and important improvements "20,660 Manufartiiriag improvemcnta 32,000 Uuivereity iuiprovements 29,000 Gas Company -repairs 3,000 Ann Arbor Water Co 7,000 Railroad imp., Michigan Central 12,000 " T. &A.A. Ry 670 Ann Arbor streetrallway 70.1)00 Hamilton Park 2,600 Michigan Telephone Company f60 Htreet imjirovements- crosswalks, etc 9,200 Electric light improvements - 8,000 Schools, new building and repairs 8,600 Connty .buildings- repairs 2,140 535,945


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