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The cemetery aasociation held its annual meeting on Tuesday morning, at which time the report forI890 was read. It shows that 136 persons have been interred during the past year in Forest Hill cemetery. As to ages they are classified as follows: Still-born 2; under one year, 12; between one and five, 7; flve and ten, 2; ten and fifteen, 5; fifteen and twenty, 6; twenty and thirty, 10! thirty and forty, 11: fo.ty and fifcy, 91 fifty and sixty, 12; sixty andseventy, 101 seventy and eighty, 27; eighty and ninety, 17; over ninety, 1. The diseaass of which they died were the following: Consumption, 13; influenza, 11; spinal, 11, oíd age, 10; diphtheria, 8; heart disease, 8; convulsiona, 6; pneumonía, 6; drowning, 4; paralysis, 4; abscess, 3; dropsy, 3; general debility, 3; apoplexy, 2; bronchitis, 2; cáncer of stomach, 2; cholera infantum, 2; dropsy of heart, 2; kidneys, 2; dysentery, 2; Bt.ll bom, 2; typhoid fever, 2; accidental shooting, biain fever, Bright's disease, broken hip, cáncer, cáncer of rectum, cáncer of womb, chronic cystitis, diabetis insiptus, enlargement of liver, erysipelas, fever, heart (bowels and bladder), heart and liver, infiammation of liowels, inflammation of bladder, and absystom, itiflammation of lungs ani! bronchitis, injnry to leg, jaundico, railroad accident, la grippe, liver complaint, malariil fever, malignant humor, nervous debility, ovarían cyst, pjralysis of bral n, paralysis and heart trouble, pleuropneumonia, pneumonía and diabetes, rheumatic fever, rhentuatism, raptare, ruptare.of blood vesselin braio.stomacb, suicide, typhoid pneumonía, weakness, 1 each; unceitain. 35. Total 136. Of this numher only 90 were in tliis city. Ten were in Anu Arbor town. The rëceipts of the association during the year past amounted toí4,134.94;expenditures $-,244.14; leaviiiíí a balance on hand of $1,898.80. To this must be added $10.200 in bonds and mortgapes and $405 in notes for lols, making all together 12,493.80 now in the hands of the association.


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