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Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literalure Science and Ari, 1891- 47th year. The forefjrn mognzines embody the best thoughts of the ablest writera of Europe. It i.s the aim of the Eclectic Magazine to select and reprint all these anieles, whioh are of value to the American reader. The plan of the Electie includes scienee, religión, reviews, biographical sketche-. papers, art eriticiam, travel, oetry and short stories, froni thu aiici-t writere in the world. The following are the nRines of some of the Ifaditig Huthors whose artieles Rppear in the pagesof the Eclectic: R(. Ilon. V. E. Gladstone, Alfred Tennyson, Professor IInxley, Professor Tyndall, V. II. Maüock, J. Norman Lookyer, F. R. S., E. A. Freeman, D. C. L.. E. B. T ltr, Ptof. Max. Muller, Prof Owen, Henry Taine, James Anthony Fronde, Thomas Hughep, Algernon C. Swinbnrne, Win. Black, Mrs. Oliphant, Cardinal Manninfi, Miss Thackeray, Thomas Hardy, Roheri Buchnnan, etc; etc The Eclectic enables the American reader to keep himself in fotmed on the great qnestions of the day ihrouahoutthe world, and no intelligent Amsiican oan aflford to be without it The Eclectic comprises each year two. large volumes of over 1700 pages. Each oflheeo volumes contains a fine stee! engraving, which adds much to the. attraction of the magazine. Terms. - Single copies, 45 cents; one copy, one year, $5; five copies, $20. Trial snbscription for three months, $1 The Eclectic and any $4 magazine.fS. - E. R. Pelton, publipher, 25 Bond-st, New York. Assistant Professor F. N. Scott has recenilv written and had pnbhshed nnother liltle treatise on Aesthetics, its Problem and Lüerature. lts aim is to e assify under appronriate heads the O) any questionsand problenu snggesied by the various fine arts as they come up for study. In tbiá way, the whole field of aesthetic theory is indicated and any question that arises can be ref'erred to iis appropriatehead in theoutline; then by turning to the second part df tlie book, the best references can be found Por that particular phase of the subject. The books will be most useful in clearing up mueh of the current inifunderstanding on the much abused subject, art. It is issued in nea.t pamphlet form by the Register Publishing Co., Atm Albor, Mich. Price, 25 cents. The annual Holiday issue of The Chrislian fferald, Detroit, Mich., is a superb, twelve-page illustrated number and must have cost the publisher a snug gum. It will, without doubt, be highly appreciated by the readers and patrons of that excellent paper. By theby,this week's issue will close the twenty-first volume of the Htrald under its present and only management, a fact, which mnkesEditor Trowbridge more veieran than he seemp. A Routh Lyon lady has a calla lily with a stalk four feet long


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