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DR. FRUTH Of New York. the well known and Bnccesafu] Specialist in Chronic Diseases and IMseases of the Eye and Ear, by request of many friends aüd patieuts, has decided to visit ANS ARBOR, Thursday, January 15, 1891. Consultation and Exaniination fkee and strictly coniidential. in his PARL0R9 AT THE COOK IIOUPE. ff' ll ''■--■ ■ ■ DK. FRUTE, OF THE Provident Medical DiEpsxisar;XEW YORK. CITY, Atlj assieted by a f 'all ccrp3 of competent phEicians and Burgoons, treats with uaparallucú Biiccess a!l Chronic Discasca and Diseases o the Eyt and Kar o every nature upon tho latest sdcr.tiCa prlncip.. 'lo particuloxly invites all wboso cases havo been ncglected, badly treated or pro. nounecil incurable. Faticnts who aro doin-, ■■ ! nader thocaroof theirown physicians need u.:i cai on us, as our provinco is to treat thoce v'.:o cannot f.nd rel! ;f othenvise. Believing that, bcIcni'e is truth and "truth iamighty ana wiil ;rovail, whea known, and knowing tuat dlso i6 can be cired with positivo certainty, hi c thii eiilir:ted to cali and receive advice free ucü be cur1 of their disensos. ïhoro is no ubject thnt requires so m-h studi n-'d experfenceas the trtatraent mui i i of ihroTiic di.seases. Theai-tonishiDg8UcctK - rul rrmarkablo euros performed by him is due ' a thorongh knowledge ot ihe Btructure and tv . :;- tiou3 of the human sysl9m, and the cure;1 eaey natural Tcmedief. Let thosegiven ui v ot)er3call for examinati.m. Hehassuccet-..'!y treat-d the following dïKcases sincohisarri1. luis ütato: and Ear dixcasei, Chronic I) a ■■ i o-'T, i'brnnic InjlammaiifmoJ the Womb, Chro!: Jnilnmmnlion of the H ndder, Fainful-yr Irregula: llcivitr ujtion, Fn'rr Sores rrnd Vl.en, Ivmntr,,. of Uriii, Tape H'orm.t, ( rooïed Limbsand Enlai , a Joints, Spinal Curvnurcs, ('116 Foot, Bip .' 1 Durase, White SweUing, Ditcha-ging Alscnta, -'■ rility or Barrenness, fr'ervowmem and Qenm:, : i.'W, Impotency, Ditmse of the Eiéncys and L LeiKorrhea or Wliitcs, Élnlches, Pimples, K n iV easo. Dispepsia, Constiputúm, Dwpey, Cana r, leptic Fits, Jirysipelas, Gravel, 6oi7re, Oteet, Qa rhoea, Hydroce1 ' VmrCJiscase,Hralaclie, P'-ü 'eria,Syphüis,i. yUuaDance.VhronicDysmüc-r ,L■ largai TonsUs, Fistulain Ano, Herniaor Jïkj'''."-, Orarían Tumors, Paralysis, Pro'apsits Vteri, Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh, Scrojma, Ctontutnptiow, Ohronie Cough, Fcrnale Weulwss, Spermalorrhm Hh':n iantism,etc Allsurglcnloperations perforiit-il Free ExamlnatiTtta of tlie Uirioe. hach persoa applylng for treatmentkhonld bnt:i; aaounceof their urine, which willrernive acarelul Chemical and tnieroscopieal examination. Bemarhable Cures perfeeted in o!(t cases which have b-n neglected or unskillfuüy treated. No expe .ments or failures. Partice treated by mail r express, but where possiblo persona, consultation preferred. Curable cases guiiateed. List of questions free. TVestcrn Add ess, Eïi. KR.ÏTXK; Xoleclo. O. IP J 11 [llMCl.injrfiilrljrlmeniïontper.ol.oi.Uher ll Ilias, ho ran rud and wriM, and who, lilll I 1 lifter liiatmrtlon.wm work induatrloailr, Jtr " " Srhow to f ni Tliree Tboiuid DolUra a ïear In tfaelrevra localitian.wherercr Ihey Hve.ï wil] alaofumlih the a'.nati?ioremployniaitl,ftt whtch jou can eam thataniount. No monej for me iinlem ■uccffj] ai abov. Ëaiily anti nuiiklr I rt#tlre but one worker from eacb dialrict orcounty. I bavo already laugtit and urovided wlth tniplo) luem a lara-o number, who aro makln f o..r SIMIO jer each. Ifi W K W st,i HU 1,121. FuntrHculrtKlfcR. Addreia at onca, j:. C, ALI.F..V, Itox 4S, AuBUita, Mttlue.


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