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BUSINESS CARDS. pt R. WILLIAMS, Attorney at, Milán, Mlch. Money loaned for outside parties. All legal usiness giren prompt attention. LEX. W. HAMILTON Af onir at Liaw. Will praotlceln both State and ünlted Btaiei Oourts. Office Rooms, one and two, Urt Boor ol me new brick block, corner of Harón and Fouith Jtreets, Ann Arbor, Michigan. truckañdstorage. WORK Residence and Office, 46 N. Fourth Street. Telcpbone 82. WM. W. NICHOLS, DENTAL PARLORS over Savinas Bank oppoaite Oourt House Square. Teeth exlracted without pain by use of Gas or Vitalized Air. WM. BIGGS. Contractor aid Builder, .ml all fclnds of vork In connectlon " wlth the aboye promptl extentw. MARY F. MILEY'S ART EMBR01DERY AMD STAMPING ROOMS. E AU Materials for Faucy Work constantly on Hand. Zephyrs, Yarn. Germantown Wools, Canvas. Feite, etc. Agent for the P. D. Corset. MARY F. MII-EY. No. 20 E. Wasbliifrton-St., Ann Arbor. C. H. MILLEN'ö NANCE BUREAU LTo. 67 E. Huron St., Arm Arbor. Oldestagency in the city. Established nearly half a century, and representing over flfty milHon of assests. Home Ins. Co., of N. Y IV.MJ Continental -- f$L riííírt nf"pk" '■'" 1482,8 CTirara, oi r& . oac Vr'ï Oriental, of Hartford _. :- Í Commercial Union Ins. Co., of Lonoon..U,689.2,7 Liverpool, London & Globe Ins. Co 18,786,094 Loses Liberally Adjusted and Promptly Paid. O. H. MILLEN. Henry Richards, Dealer in all kinds of HARD WOOD, LTJMBER, FENOE POSTS, MAPLE FLOORINÖ, etc, also lllËapi)liqLÈp And all kinds of Firewood. Prices as Low as Anv Dealer in the Citv AGENT FOR THE CHAMPION imm AND M0WEH5, lío. 9 Detroit St., -- Ann Arbor, MIcli. LUMBER ! LITMBER ! LUMBER! you oontemplate building cali at FBRDON BEU YARD Corner Fourth and Depot Sts., ard get our figures for all kinds oí LUMBEE We manufacture our own Lurrboi and juarantee VERY LOW PRIOES. 0-Glfe bb a '11 mul we wil 1 matte it to .vour Interest, as oor lárice and nel) graded stock fully suatainN onr aser Ion. JAHES TOLBEBT, Pro;. T. J. SEEOH, Snpt. BIISIY & SEABQLT, isros. 6 jb-ssrjD e Washington Street, Ann ArbOJ , Miohigan. Hye alays on hand a complete Stock oí evei tkiociata 6R0CERY LINE! Teas, Coffees and Sugars All T-rime Atticles bought for Cash and can sell at low figures. Our frequent large invoices of Teas is & sure sign tbat we givo bargains in QTJALITY AND PRIOB. We ro&st our own coffee eyerjr week, alwaya freeb and good. Our bakery turns out the yery ust of Bread, Cakes and Crackers. Cali and beesee] pt - B&jl-Jd4, ,mi, ',Ma ndAmqng The IRSbRfiL23&L3&LuBit Wor'dNEW YORK. LONDONDERRY AND GLASGOW ETHIOPIA, DíC. T!. I ANCHORIA, Jan. 24. CIRCA-! A. Jan 10. BTHIOPIA. teb. 7. NEW YORK, GIBRALTAR AND NAPLES. CALEDO.NIA Kcc. 10. ITALIA, Dec. 10. CALI FORNIA, Dec. 21. SALOON, SECOND-CLASS AND STEERAGE ra tes on lo west lerins to and from the principie SCOTCH, EHGLISH, IRISH AND ALL CONTINtNUL POIHTS. Kxcursion Tickets roduced , made available to return by either the FieturtiHquo Clyde & North of Ireland, or KíverMersey & South of lreland, or Naples fe Gibraltar. CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT. ORAFTS AND MONEY OR(tES for any amount atlowentcurrantrats. Apply to oiiy of our local affents, or to HCNDERSON BROTHERS, Chicago, III. JAJIKt K. I1A II. Asfiil. KhEMEMBER Mg LINCK IS THE NAMEOFTHAT MWk Wonderful Remedy Thaf Cures CATARRH, HAY-FEVER, COLD fg the HEAD, SORE THROAT, CANKER, and BRONCHITIS. _ For Sale by leading Druggists. PBEFÁBXD OSZ.1 ET Klinck Gatarrh & Bronchial Remedy Co. 82 JACKSON ST., CHICAGO, ILL. f you h(i'e anythmy Ui Bell, ut to rent; {J ym havr lost any vulaabU thmy f f you have itiimd 'in y vaUiabh thmy; 1 you want rounm. board, work, or anythmg under the tun cutvurtue U ín tw " Want" column of Thk Reoistkii. LEQALS. TAEFADLT HAV1SG BKtN -M ADE iii Uw payv n I ll r ó l on page C96 of mortgs V , ,m v lOim-v Male ot MichlKao, and a ,d FilK wo '.trs, prii.dp.xl and inurost: ako ana rui) '"",', rm-v's i as provulud in said Beh,K in'V.S rtítaüoí -..,,,,, Connty, State of and live (f) and t.ix ' ' ; nprtb of range numberJ , i porllon ot lot numbur ■ ' 6y two convejrances . tio: J rf ' James McMulU-n, anttfi t' I - pages 615 and 617, in thenr. ... -f t3il-"p' ' J .-o i for Valittnaw('ounty,Stai )' l '' ing to the recorded plat of-'i ville. Daled. Axn Arbor, January KDVVARD TRKv.HAKRIEr L. SEiJ." Exeeutor of thelastwill of Hansonjn: ' ceased. tol Kor Silp. State of Michigan. County of Washten nv - s-. In the maner of the estáte of William II. Dell. deiensed. Nutice is bereby glven that in puisuanne of au order granted to the undersigm-rt executorof the latwill and testament of the atd deceased by the Honorable Judpe of Probate for the Couniyof Waslnenaw, on 'the slxteenth day of December, A. I).. 1890. there will he sold at publie vendue. to the liighest bidder, at the late re-Me nee of s iid deceased on the premises be'ow desertbed in the township of Saline, in the Connty i' Washtenaw. in sald bi&te, on Wednesdoy, the fdurth day of February, A. D. 1891. at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day (subject to all encumbrantes by mnrtgage or otherwise ex is; ing at the t-me of the deaih of said deceas.dp the foilowlnff described real t-state, toWit! 'i'lie northenst (nart r of the i orthwest quarter of secüon ten (10). a1m pari of the west bsilfof the nortlieast quarterof sald seetlon ten (10): commencint! ai the north quarier post. thence foiuli tlnriy one (:1) chains and thirty (80) links, thence north sixty (60) degrees, east nine (9) rliain and nvcnty-ü.e (26) links, thence north three (3) degrees, thirty (80) minutes, west twentyseven (27 1 chaina twenty-flve CJ6) links, thence nortli eignty-seven '87) dc-grees thirty (80) minutes, west eight ü) chains and sevei ty-five (75) links to the place of beginning. Also commencing in the muidle of the Chicago road where thé center north and south line of siction ten (10) crosses the said road, and rtinnii sr thence south on snid line thirty-three i-U) chains, nine (9) links, thence east thiiteen (IS) chains, thence north thirty-six (30) chains and sixteun (16) links to ■ post, thence south sixty thrce and 75-100 (63.7i) degrees, west twenty-eight (28) links, thenee north nine (9) degrres. west toree (8) chains and tliirty six (86) linsa to the center of Chicago road, thence sí uth sixty-thrce and 75-100 (63.75) degrees, west along the center of said road thirteen (13) chains and sixty iive (65) links to the place of be ginning. All of said land lying and being ot section ten (10) in township four ( i) sonlh range five(5) east, Saline, Washtenaw County. Michigan Jesse A. Pf.ll. Dated December 10. 1S90. -16 Kxecutor. Kotlce of Oliancery Knie. In pursuance and by virlue of a Jecree of th Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw State of Michigan, in Chancery. Made and entered on the thirteen th day of Octo ber, A. D. 1890, in a eertaln cause therein pendin. wherein Dallas Warren. Administrator of th estáte of Hiram Warren, deceased, is complainan and Martin Kerns.Rosina Kerns and John Georg Kerns, are defendauts, Xotice ís Hereby Given, That I shall sell at pub lic auction or vendue. to the hlghest Didder, a the east maln entrance to the Court Houss, in th City of Ann Albor, County of Washtenaw, State of Michigan (that being the place of holding th Circuit Court of said County), on Wednesday, th twenty-eighth day of January, A. D. 1891, at 1 o'clock in the forenoon of said day, all thos certain tracts or pareéis of land in the township of Salem, County of Washtenaw and Slate o Michigan, and described as lollows, to-wif. Beginning at the south-west corner of Sec tion number eighteeu, in town one south of rang number seven east, running thence north flye chains to a stake in the center of the highway on the town line of Salem and Northiield, thenc east five chains to a stake from which an apple tree six inches in diametei . and being uort twenty-eight degrees, west elghty-elght links thence south five ehains to a state in the ceute of the bighway, running thence east from th afhreBaid section corner, thenee west five chain in the eeutre of the highway to the place of be ginning, coutalning two acres and one half o land, be the same more or less. Also, beginning iive chains east of the south-west corner of sak section eighteen in said township of Salem and running thence east along the section line in th center of the highway fifteen chains and eieren ljnks to a stake, thence north parallel to the wes lineof said section thirtyüve chains and sixty four links to a stake on the east and west quaite line from which a beeeh tree tweuty-four inche in diameter, hearing west 60 degrees east fifty-six links, and sugar maple eighteen inches in diamo ter, hearing north twenty-nlne degrees. wes forty-five links, thence along the quarter lin fifte'en chains and sixteen links to a stake fiv chains and elght links east of the quarter ixist in the west line of the seetlon and from which beech tree twenty-eight inches in diameter beiui north five degrees, east seventy-five links, ani white oak tree thirty inches in diameter bein north tbirty-eight degrees, west ninety-nin links, thence south parallel to the west lineo seclion twenty nine chains and eighty-four link to a stake from which an applc tree six inches ii diameter being north twentyeigbt degrees, wes eighty-eight links, theuce west eight liuks.thenc south five chains to the place of beginning, con taining flfty-three acres and twenly one hun dredths of an acre, be the same more or less. Dated this tenth day of December, A. D., 1890 Patbick McKeknan, Circuit Oourt Commissioner, Washtena County, Michigan. Sawyer Sc Knowlton, Solicitare for Complainant.


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