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Ann Arbor Is Booming. See First

Ann Arbor Is Booming. See First image
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page. The unión ol' all the farmer's clubs of this county in one organization will do.-.btless be productive of good resulta. Every public-spirited man wishes them success in their efforts. The senators have evidently decided lo shelve the election bil], at least for tbe present. In view of the difficultieg which any such measuro would en. ounter, perhaps they have done trisely. It is to be honed that Governor Luce Wil! find a worthy succetsor in the person of Governor Winatis, which W6 doubt not will be the case. Be independent and ignores politiciane. Mr. Governor, and you will win the praise "f the people. Ignatius, rainbow cl and professional enthusiast, luw been elected president of tbc Minnesota i;'aimer's Alliance. His career, while I ing that bed witli interest. Funny man, tlial Donnelly 8nb tre i ury and eipher figure i: Farmer, and ; I 'lili s in i : ith equal I Th ij i '■'■ 5i Thia a t mu-t be .1 Bource who havo ■ interests of the 1 ■ ■ ■ 1 ■ ' ■ x 1 y ■ . ether likely thal the j'i.'i.iit, spent fur building improveunif wil! be greater than that ia the btyear.


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