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At the J,umary meeting of the Wasb. tenaw Poniological society, Jield last Saturday, Prof. J. Austin Scott presided, Mr. Ganzhorn read the minutes of the annual meeting, which were approvedIn the absence of C. D. Parshall, chairman cf thecomrnittteon transportation, the corresponding secretary Btated tliat he had visited, wilh Mr. Parshall, Mr. Hayes, who refnsed to give the nurnber of bushelsof berriesshipped in the Ann Arbor fruit car, and advised to address Mr. D. A. Waterman, of Detroit, auditor of the M.C. R. R., whoanswered: "There are a numberof fruitshippersabout Ann Arbor, notmembers of your society, who object to have the company give the information. Therefore we are in this case quite compelled todeclinethefavor which otherwise we should be glad to exend." The facts in the case are: The society made quite an efibrt to bring about cheaper transportation and better handling of oor fruit by freight. Ati agent was hired at Detroit to see to the distri butioo of the fruit as soon as the car arrived in Detroit, early, at or before 5 o'clook a. m., so that the fruit would pet to the commission house in time for market. Any delay in this respect would haveprovedalossto the snipper. The society also had some large hmid bilis printed: "Ann Arbor fruit car," so that this fruit car conid at once be peen nt its arrival in Dpíroit and lio placed in pnsition for distribution. The expenses of thistroubln amount pwhsps (■■nts per bu i,. I. And rio.v it comea to li.litthi ihere are shipj of fn 'Ivés ul' I : e lo bear the buril i] a i n bring eap and i ves th eui ■ Wh i ■ ■ ; - ! 'I 1 ■ ■ crin, :--la lily apprei it. TOI'K 1 i w c .i lereal in ; oor is in Scott, the i rfi ;:sorgn - liy E. li i r. ■ ,'ir". nf in pe ■ i i n ee -uv C'. C. a vi. K .i'-iitive cotnmitl ,■ meets on the 17it of J.uiuarv. at lwo o'clock. at the court i (jompoiiding íjecretary.


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