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Will Wilson starts this week for California. II. J. Slagle, was the guest of Robt. McColl and family, New Years. Mrs. Queal lias the grip. Dr. Smith of Whitmore Lake is aUending. The Webster Farmer's club meets thia Saturday at VV. E. Boyden's residence. Rev. Mr. Morris of Dexter is to address the club, and Dr. Angelí is to be present. I.iimi. Masquerade and dance at the town hall, Friday evening, the lGth. W. E. Stocking is visiting the grange in the east part of the county this week on official business. Henry Dancer, of Stockbridge, is spending a few days with his parent?, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Dancer. The P. of I. debate last Saturday was enjoyed very much by the young men and will lie repeated this week, Saturday eyening. Question: Resolved, tliat there is more knowledge gained by speech and observation than reading. Ylisllnnti. The drefs stay factory resumed work again on Monday. A few light cases of the la grippe are reported in the city. The Follett house willsoon beopened by Detroit parties under the supervisión of J.W. Case. We arestill waiting for the Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti Rail Road to get into prime running order. Joshua Newell, a former prominent, citizen of this city, died in Portland Oregon, last week. One daughter, .Mrs. Sam Vail, resides here. Messers Win. Rickey and Charlie Glover are going to manufacture a patent hammock rope, which. ire eertuin, will be the in the 1,1 rket. The Episcopal church Sunday. There's been o 0 exled on tbe building i out on the w bole i: , iifactory. ;! ia hile 1 1 norial wi .. from i r ii -i . ■y Creelt. s . D V of. Mi üce 30th . . I relier Lulu I .,1 nu 11 ■ of M . :■ . M i. Uerry, Mond;.v. l'ean & tock h Ui M. .. Mi8ri or Ypsianti 1 be Ui 1 . ol ■ he v. tuk. M. r E. SiiMH, E. i lid Mi a Af. 11 .11, b' tu ) Milan. M rg. Clarl eville, is ihe gue;s of lier sou aud déjghter, Mr. nd Mrs. 1 k. Married ;it the Baptist parsonage, New Years day, by K'v. J. Iluntingtim, 1,1 mer B. Da vit .aú Mjsh Emma Finch, both of York. Mrs. Stewart, of Oak Harbor, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. O. A. Kelly, tliis week. Miss Allie Harper lèft for Cadillac, Sunday, where she will resume work in the school room. The Ladies Aid Society of the Baptist Church held a tea social at Mrs. Ball's on First-st last evenin;. The Milán ice har vest is good this year. The ice is solid and reported to be about ten inches thick. The Epworth League elected the foliowing oflicers at their last meet ng: President, L. G. Eddy; first vicepresident, M. C. Edwards; second vicepresident, Mrs. L. G, Eddy; third vicepresident, Mrs. G. E. Sloan; fourth vicepresident, Frank Trussell; secretary; Florence King; Treasurer, Mable Gurham. Kmery. Mrs. Georjre Pfeifle has returned home froni Williamatown, where she has been spending the holidays with her brothers. Charles Galigan is taking in Copemish this week. L. E. Hebbard is nmsing one of Job's cornforters this week. Our streets are iilumined with lights so that none can lose their way - not electric lights, but lanterns. The S. L. & N. road is patronized very laraely. The edition of the Picketought not to growl if the boys stop to shoot rabbits. Does it not give the passenger? a chance to visit the beautiful sienery along the lines. Services at the church Snnday ïnorning, 10:30. Rev. S. Bird preachee. Fred Bird, son of the sexton of the ConLregational church, left home on December 31, and bis whereabouts are not as yet known.


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