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Jules Verne is now a handsome man of 60, with head and beard quite grey, and with eyes which sparkle with all the fire of 20 S. B. Durfey, mate of steamer Arizona, had his foot badly jammed. Thomas' Electric Oil cured it. Nothing equal to it for quick pain reliever. The pope made the queen regent of Spain a New Year's present consisting of a splendid mosaic of the Madonna, made at the vatican factory. The Clergy, the Medical Faculty and the people all endorse Burdock Blood Bitters as the best system-renovating, blood-purifying tonic in the world. Send for testimoniáis. Tennyson is fond of nld wine and his cellar contains a choice stock ofancient vintage. Waterloo sherry, 75 years, is his favorite. "Heaven's last best gift- my evernew delight," is not my brown-stone house, nor my carriage and pair, nor my fine new yacht, nor my prettiest girl, nor my hopes for a seat in congress, not these, but my wonderlul cure for pain, Salvation Oil. M. Prtnkevitchsvitnchtchzky is aPolish doctor practicing in Paris. It is evident that he cannot receive many "emergency calis." Adam mighthave been the "goodliest man of men cince bom" but it doesn't appearthat he ever did anything especially good lor his large family. What a lasting blessing he rnight have left beliind if he could have made Salvation Oil and kill pain. The celebrated jockey, Isaac Murphy, lies dangerously ill in Louisville, and the doctors fear he is about to gallop away into the shadows. The "MoiUer's Frieutl " Not only sho;tens labor and lessens pain attending it, but greatly diminishe3 the danger to life of both mother and child if used a few months before confinement. Write the Bradfield Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by all druggista. James Russell Lowell's physical condition is such that all his literary engagements are made contingent on his health. .Vdvlce To Mother. Mrs. Winslow'sSoothingSyrupshould always be used for children teething. It soothes the child, softens the guni, aliays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best reinedy for diarrhcea. Twentyfive cents a bottle. 0 Pearl fishing is still carried on in the river Tay, in England, and some valuable jewels have lately been found. Tlie pnrest anti ISesl Articles known to medical sc:.ence are used in preparing Hood'd Sarsaparilla. Every ingrediënt is carefully selected, personally examined, and only the best retained. The medicine is prepared um'.er the supervisión of thoroughly competent pharmacists, and every step in the procesa of manufacture is carefully watched with a view to securing n Hood'fl Sarsaparilla the best possible result. A woman never feels sure that a man is really loose until she knows that he's tight. To The Paclüc Coast. Go to California viathe through lines of the Burlington Route, frota Chicago or St. Louis to Denver, and thence over the new broad gauge, through car lines of the Denver and Rio Grande or Colorado Midland Railways, via Lead ville, Glenwood Springs and Salt Lake- through interesting cities and unsur-, passed scenery. Dining cars all the wav. " When Parnell was a youn collegian he wrote "Shamrock Green," a play that meets with great favor in Australian and has netted its proprietor nearly $25,000. A Ladj'S i-ertect ompanton Painless Childhirth, :our new book tells how any woman may become a mother without svffering any pain whatever. Also how to treat and overeóme morning sickness, swelled limbs and other evils attending pregnancy. It is reliable and highly endorsed by physicians as the wife's true private companion. Send twocent etainp for descriptive circulars and confidential letter, sent in seal envelope. Address Frank Thomas & Co., Publishers, Baltimore, Maryland. 0 The Em prees Haruko of Japan has for four yeare dressed in the fashion of European women. Slie is short and slender, withblue-blackhair.a creamy complexion and the long, oval face which characterizes the high-bred Japanese beauty. A boy stood on the burning deck, Unwisely, too, 'tis said, For. with the fast approaching flame, His elders quickly fled. So, many now in peril Btand, ünmindful of thêir fate, Till, step by Btep, Grim Death comes on. And then, alas ! too late ! Far wiser surely, would it seem, wheu his approach we ee, With "Pierce's Pellets" well in hand To vanquiíh oíd "Q. D." Pierce'sjPleasant Pellets have remarkable power to correct all physical derangements.thuswarding off disease that would surely foilow. Purely vegetable, pleasant to take, perfectly harmless! With a little forethought, they'll be a present help in time of need- cheating the doctor and robbing the grave! As a Liver Pili they are nnequaled. Smallest, cheapest, easiest to take. One a dose as a laxative, three or four as a cathartic. Tiny, sugar-coated granules, in vials; 25 cent". Great difficulty will soon be experienced in deciding which of the two cakes of ice left at your door is the milk. a dood Conundrum is life, because everybody must give it up! But you needn't be in a hurry about it! Life is worth the living! To prolong it, is worth your untiringefforl! Don't give up without ralling to your rescuethat grand old family medicine, Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Many a wornout, exhausted body has it made over as good as new ! It strengthens, builds up, invigorates, assisting nature and not violating it. Cure liver disease, indigestión, and all blood-taints and humors. Sure and lasting benefit guaranteed, or money refunded. All druKiüists. William Archer's criticism on Mrs. Langtry's Cleopatra is everywliere pronounced to be themostsevere on record. Here it is: "Purple patches ofShakespeareswimming in a prismatie-scintilant maelatrotn of spectacle. .-.j operation are two flour milis, pump works, with a cast ron pipe works, a stove foundry and a huge rolling mili under way. A strong northern syndicate has been formed to promote the interests of D-iyton, and under their auspicues a grand public auction sale of lots will occur at Dayton, Dec. 3,4 and 5' To accommodate those desiring to attend the sale, the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton R. R. will sell excursión tickets at one fare for the round trip from all points on the line on Dec. 2 and 3. For rates and further information cali on or address any C. H. & D. Agent, or E. O. McCormick, General passenger and Ticket Agent, Cincinnati. Send for a handsome album of Dayton views Ampie accommodations at the hotels for all. 0 Senator Dol phofOregon is tall.solemn, broad shouldered and alwavs dresses in black. He has a deep, penetrating voice and the lower part of nis face is covered by a long grey beard. With health and beauty laden, A rlch and prioeless thtnsr. To woman, pale and wasted, My preclous gift I bring. Such the object and such the mlssiön of woman's valued friend, Dr. Pierce's Fayorite Prescription. D)n't let unreasonable prejudice prevent you from sharing the health and beauty proffered, in good faith, by this most excellent Remedy! None of the almost nountless weakne3SO3 and diseases peculiar to women, but that re.idily yield to its magie power! Manufactured, recommended, gold through drutrgists, and guaranteed by the World's Disoensary Medical Assoïiation, Buffalo, N. Y., to give satisfaction, in every case, or money paid for it cheerfully refunded. Qjeen Victoria has midss kaown through Cardinal Mvnnin that she will present no objection to the canonization of Joan of Are. ï.mlii's Try Great French Remsdy. Dr. Le Duc's Periodical Pilis from P.iris, F ranee, act only upou the generative org.tns in fe males, and positively cure suppression of the mensus (from whatever cause) and all periodical troublei peculiar to women. Eatablished in Europe, 1839; England, 1850. Canada, 1S78; United States, 1887. A safe, reiiable remedy, warranted to excite menstruatation, or money refunded. The larger portion of the ills to which ladie are subject is the direct result of adisordered and irregular menstrnatation. The American Pili Co., proprietors. Pprice, $2. Sold by Eberbaeh & Son, druggists, Ann Arbor. Micb 0 Eben E. R ford, the poat, fflimt, and recluse of Shiocton, was married Monday evening. Hehadjust completed a new house for the occupancy of himself and bride, but it caught fire and was burned several days )ro. Gov. Hill was asked why he had declined the invitation to attend the Reform Club's diuner in New York City. "I have'nothing to Hav on the subject," he replied. "I diii my speaking before elecüon.1' This is ronsidered a dead shot at Mr. Cleveland. A Chance t Haití .uimcy. Mr. Editor: - I bmzht one of GrifB'h's machine" fcr pU'in wuh u 'Id, ilver nr nickel an l it vvork-i 'o p--rfection. N. soon r dtd he pao-jlhftar of it than I h.d more spoon, k'ivcs, fjrks nd jewelry than I could pU'e in a mo'ith. The first week I cW-fd $31 30, 'h first month $167.85, nd I think by Julv lst I will have $1000 'jijh ai I iv -ny fa-m s.jqfUerable nttention, too. My daughter mud-i $27.40 in four daya. Any person can get one of these machine by seiding $3 to VV. H. Gnffirh & O, Zinesville, O, nr can oh an nircol rs h? n fdre-si'ig fhen. Yin can 1 arrj t ue th" minhinuin oce hoor. As thi-í is my first lucky etreak, I give my experierice, hoping others may b henefitcil as much as I have been. Youre truly, 0 M. O. Moreheai The Countess of Cnithness, leader of the Theosophists of Parif, believes herself to be the "Spiritual cliild" of Mary Queen of Scotd. It is on this account that she is about to set up a tatué of Mary in the Place Wagram. A Xerlled Xixirc. From time to time for sorae months past we have (-alled attention to the mamtnoth advertisement of Dr. Fruth which appears in our columns. In thene e have purposely refrained from fíif extression of a persnnal opinión of the Doctor. His continued visits to our city and the constantlv i nerf n.i ng nuinliers that thronu at each s'Mi-fecliiig visit, c npled with the important fct that not a word of dinsatisfac-tion ha C"tne to our ears from any one if Iiih jmtientii, maken it a dnty to our r(aderN thut wa ppmonslly cali atteruinn to the wurk the Doctor is doinir. The evideiM1 in our community of hii superior ck II are but the legitímate resulta of yars of experience and training in the principal centers of medical learnins. Those who have not consultad Dr. Fruth should certainly not fail to do so. A consultation will cost you ■ltiti(í, and it inay be the means of bt'i'i'_'in_' yon health and happiness. Dr. Fmtli will bc at the Cook House from 1(1 A. SI. lo 9 P. M. 0 [BÖSË'S EXTRACT XU3X CLOVER BLOSSOM Female Weakne Sores, Ulcera, Tumor, Abaceises, IHood Polsoning, Salt Kheum C'Ktarrh, Eryslpelaai Rheumatlíni and ali Bloodand8kln 131seac. Pfice i. per Pin Bottlo. or 6 Boules for 5. i Ib can Solid Extrae Detroit, Micm. áoíd bv n druggr.u.


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