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Thomas'J. Clunie,"1 who retires tliis session from California's Congressional delegation, was admitted to practicelaw at the age of 18 years by a special act of the California Legislature. NEW YORK TniBUNiï. 1891 The Tururaiitl the Farrirr. Roswell O. HoRrr, OF MICHIGAN, Tlie witilest. brihtest nd mo-t nicetmf nl of R publican cauipain orators, lone a meinber oí Congres, s'itind art safe as a Íck la or iu a n thoru'ub Profectlonlst, has been enraged by 'llio New ïoi k Tribuno to help flvrlit the battle forProtectiu durltig tlie c unitig yoar. Every issue of Thr Weekly Tribune will contuln extended exptmulofiSoL the new Tarlff aiid llio advantages of IVot.-ction. poiut by puint, 51r. ilorr will ftlso iuvite from the public and 11 answor qw-atinn. or phases of the Tarlff whicli perplex tha inindg of the people. Sofarasnther dutieswill permit, hi will lro address Katherings of Farmers tbis wintfr (Instituts. Clubs, etc.) as the represnta:ive of The Tribune, concerninis the Tariff. Thoe who T-it-h Mr. Horr to addross them should comuiuuicuto at onoo with The Tribune. Young Sien wlio wleh to . Succeed. Many a man fsels the lack of early direction of his enerves and early Inculcalion of the mniims which promote character and success in after Hfe. Every such man would gladly see the youi'K n.en of to day better guided than hewas. TheTribune has planued the fullowinj articls, whicb will appear in this paper only: Wbat hall I Io? By R S. Packard, Pres ldent of Packard's Business College. Mií(jclon for Ilie Boy on tb Furia who are Amblilou. t'y the Umi J. H. Brigham, Mester of the NatioD! O a... . Kducatlon wiiliont llio Heli) f ' College. By Prexident C. K. A dams, of ( ' A Contlniiatlon of " Ilan' to Fortune." By Andrew Carnegie, lio mirkablft article of last spring was so iuA uf t u conraffement to poormen. Multlpliolty of raylne Occnpa! Ia the United States. By the Hun. i D. Wrlght. A Tallt Wlth American ÏSoj: By '. T. Barnum. of liridgaport, COQD. Examiiltslii iho IlUtory ot onrow.i Country. By Oen. A. S. Webb, the gallaat soldier. Importance of Good ItJnnnors. 1'lia Tiews of Ward McAllister. A College Kducatlon (jood for il? ; nlial la 1et for iliooe who eaniio Bot It. By Presideot Wüliam l'epper, Univarsl of Pennaylvania. The Tribune will print from weok to wes conaidered answera to any qu-sti(iis by men or women, in any part of the countiy. Visal Topics or Iho 2iiy. Present Noeds and Future SeO American Aijrlcultiire. By the iioii Joi einiali Kusk. Proper Fnnctlons of the Mlnorlti I: IiCsIslation. By the Hun. Julius c. burrua Kalamazoo. Villnce Iraiirovement AgBorl.itli)', tuelr practlcablllty In Iturul 1 i -í wltli tlie Story of cerlaln Ui .!. i ". !■ In'ea. By tho Hon. B. O. Noitürop, of Cliti.oii Conn. Principio In Politics tind tlie Vlr1v, of Courage. By the Hou. Jume b. Ciai of lowa. lnfluence of tlie Labor Hïovenjr. upon IlumanPri;reR, ByS.uairli. i.i pers, President of the American teUvritUuu ' ! Labor. Arrlca'ij Sllburban and K n r n '. [I(tne. By Otoñen Palis . i . of Nr Yoi WareliMies for Farm Prodïn-u. j L. U ri'lï. l'resideat of the alioi,ll! J'.n, ,t, Al'iancn. ;ia-.lcrs of fhc inlloi) Str. :■. , ..:.;■! 0. l.ushul , i.ipioier of j iïiEscr FeniurcH, I irin : 1-3I T!-o TrlhHiM will 'Int ■ R"r:es n' artiolew :■■ ts o i traent, on txplanarïona of a 11 ju of mudo] i .; A prautioiil furmer U row in I rni.ot-.Tl tha farms iid farm-bnlld1' ,'fn of tb. thrïftH i -f te gricHlturl tiati-tu-s . tle tvorkl. He witl reprt upon tho d.'iiry, grnm it;ck and olln r braucJua Frsnch furcning in Illustratrd s. Mrs. Anie VVlttoiiTer, IY'sidynt of lbo WoVV. ui's R8lif Co-pw, will contribute a column &t notes uué iicws to Tüe Tribunes O. A. U. page every week. Admirabl lettrs of travel in the Southern State, illutrud, will be printed Toe Hom Oirale columns will bevaried hylllnstrated articlM on corntion. fashiona ni tl moj -eis of nene interot to womeu. Written for popk with little xnntev. Mrs. Byard Tai U r, the wMow of Payard T7br, will wit ariielu on Cooktry. She is a roUar-kabie h ;ir,fcaOj#r. F'oriTi lett-'. Kood fitrira, the news of V. CtXv, th bef. of ma-kt rep ru, book roiüvs and :.. rary uin, witty JVes. t te. . t te. Tribune ia prlutod i'i lnrirc type and brnd lolamns, aud is the easi-.dt paper to r.fcd i:i lian eouotry. [rcmi;)'.: Premium for 1801, oontaminu now n" ' naful .- rtiulfw, will bj sent to any rppltcai ! . f' . Tha TVeekly. 81.00 a y. ar: fr'o for iho n 1890. Smni-wesjklT, $2 )0; free for tbo ret i.( 1890. Dailv. $10.00. Snnday Tribnne &!.00. 'ii. bvme MouUily, .00. Samnle copi"s frt-e. Ths TninüNE, New York. GOLD HEDAL, FABIS, 1378. Ï.IakÊr&Co.'s irBreakfast Gocoa from whioh the excess of oil has been removed, is Absolutely Pure and it is Soluble. No Chemicals are used in its preparation. It has more than three times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is theref ore far more cconomical, costing lest than one cent a cup. It is delicióos, nourishing, strengthening, easily digested, and admirably adapted for invalids as well as for persons in health. Sold by Grocers everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass. eyr rrde. like H,' 'BSSÊÊF" derful lamp!" A lamp Öi% dpNHHT (Sof absolutoly nonXLÊÊfJSSt explofilve and unSSSSBêB broul&abof which VWHUk rivea a cloiir, oitj &BBBtB3ËBB&&& Purer and brighter xSJk than gas light, softer EJ"Ea. than clectric light, X x more cheerful than either I That lamp is E0JHflpWwin "The Rochester." Ko Smoke, Kb Smell. No Broken Chimnev.; over to minimi In nc. It must be a koo1 lump to luuku nucli a teil. I os BDOOass. Indeed it is, lor lampa may come an! lamps may ko. but tie Rcheter" sliines ol forovcrl Over -,000 artUlic Toneilpllanginst and Table Lmps, Banqnet nd Stmly. Yin and Plano J amp.i- evcry kind. In Brome, ruri'elain. llras, Nickel nnd Bl''t Vruugh Iron. Aak the lamp denier for It. Look f'T tha tradonKirk Ita-p: "THK Rochksti-u." Ii h has n t the (rcniiinc Bocliester and llio etyle you v nnt. orif there h no l.imp-store near, eeii'l tona direct for free l'lustrated catnloiiiie ( md ndif-fd prlrelisl). nnd we will box and oen.i yu auj U:ui) aafolj by üxpress, rijfht to your duur. KOCHESTElt I.AMP CO., At l'nrk IMace, New York. Marmiw-lurrr. - -.1 "■ ' ■ !."- - - 'I! -r'. ■ 'Tat' 3LANKETS JpyT I Ly I j "How fat I'd get if I had one." FÑEE-Get from your dealer free, the $4Book._ It has handsome pictures and valuable information about horses. Two or three dollars for a 5a Horao Blanket will make your horse worth more and eat less to keep warm. 5A Five Mile ... 5A Boss Stable Ask for 5A Electric 5A Extra Test 30 other styles at prices to suit everybody. If yon can't get them lrom your dealer, write us. BLANKET' &F?E THE STROSÜGESTf. if i to Wa 'i tü'Ve thf1 famo'is flürsc P-rar ! Ht-'.■! jTEoo33z's Cotton. Boot ffiB&jf COMPOUND B jÍR "iComposed of Cotton Boot, Tansy and . y yj I'ennyroyal- a recent discorery by an nwntlUy- Safe, Effectual. Prioe $1, by mail, sealed. Ladies, ask your drufrgist ror Cook's Cotton Root Compound and take no sobstitute, or inolose 2 stampa for sealed particulars. Addreas POND I,iLy COMPANÏ, No 3 Flsher Blook, 131 Woodward ave., Detroit, Mioh. fo cure Biliousness, Sick He -t.pation. Malaria, Livor i Wke tilo safe and oertain b' ■'. i HKV AKE TI': i tallo ior .i-. .. :. :-ï oitlier uizt , ■ J.F.SMITHACO.MMMorBiLEm:. ■ ■ 4% {& B ■■■ Jfcanbo earned atourNKW lineofwork, I Rl I W i'i'Hy and honorably, by thote of I 111 ■"" W :'tlltr sx yoTing or olcl, and in thdr IPI lia I I ownlocalities.wherererthcy líve.Any ■ ■■ 0 I ■ ■■ ■ one can do ihe work. Vy to learn. W furnish overylhinf. We start you. No risk. You can devota your pare moinonU, „r all your time to the work. Tbil it an entirely. new leitdnd bring wonderful buccbs to eferywotker. Beginners ar eurning IVora f 25 to #50 pcrweek and upwnrds, and more afler a littlo xiieripnce. Wí can fumish yon ihe employment and teacb you FKEB. No nce to explain han. Futí infonnatioii FUKK. TRVE fc JO., Al'GL'STA, MA1SK. II YOU WISH To Advertise Anything Anywhere ATAny time WRITE TO Geo. P. Rowell & Co. No. 10 Spruce Stree NEW YORK. RdW "i Shoea cnlpss worn nnrnnifnrtolny tlpht f slip :ïT th t ■ ■ THE COLCHESTril r.flIBER C6. inv-i a'l their fhO" with Ins'rte út íiPt'l lúwvi wlth niM. r. Tíii'. olin '■ t' the sliOe uií.J un-v uta tb nxbbof rnjiii bllpplufj ut Ja il mr the UraeiMwfT "ADHE8IVË COUNTERS' FOR SALE BY Wm. Allaby, John Bnrtf, DoiyA Feiner, L. Grnner, W. RelnliurIt éc Co.. A. 0. Seyler A Son. A.N ARBOB. . 90000.00 a year (■ blnp muit by John R. B IPk. üoodwÍn,Tr'y,N.Y.,Bt work for ui. KeacUr, B , iMtfcli y.'iuquickly how to rurn from 91 to ■ _ V#1U a tlay at the itart, and more ■yon jo rttüSy oBfc8L"n' ij"n cxeH " ■(!'■■■ i nn7 psr ' 3 gmJ t" work. All UÍiew. Crrt ]#y SIHK for W _Jr BTerTtMnV' KAS1I.V, 8l'KKIlLÏ learneif. CTirfÉBPV l'AKTICCLAitS 'ULL. Aiidre at once, f t SyA vmssox tU., 1-OllTLAXli. BA1K. MANorWOMAN IBhoul carry Bome Life Insurance and AIÏ OPTIO2Ï POLICY, as now issued by the National Life Ins. Co., ;OF VERSOJIT. Provides for(any emergency that can arise. can be paid for inflve, ten, or twenty years and contains the followlng guáranteos: FIRST- Apald np policy after three yean whioh amount is written on the face of the policy. SECO Bi I- It guaranteea you an Annüal Case Valde, or if the insured needs, or desires to ral money, the Company will loan on this policy , and still keep the policy in force. Thls is a great ad vantage to a person who may need money In business or to protect credit. TIIIR- It guarantees extended insuranca tor the full amount of Insurance, for so long time as the cash value will pay for il. Thls is a valuable option to many who maj Ihrough physical, or financial misfo'rtune desire their policy carried. In fact this PoliCT tyotect? jlgaijijit dVerïty In Business, and also makes an absolute provlsion in case of death, for wife, children or creditors Remember this Policy is ONLY written by the National Life Insuiance Company of Montpelier. Vermont. McCnrdy O. LeBEAU, Special Agent, 1 llniulllon Hlock, tANN AEBOR. MICH. Znsurance, Leal Estáte and Loac ency HAMILTON & GREEN. OFFICES: No. 1 & 2 Hamilton Bl'k, FIRST I'I.IIOK. Parties desiring to buy or sell Real Estale wiil flnd it to thelr adyantage to cali on ng. We represent the following first-class Fire Insurance Companies, having an aggregate cupitaiof ever S8,000,000 1 The Grand RapldH "re .ns. Co., The Oblo I iirimrs ibs. Co., (Insnres oiily Ih liiiiics . The . riiuin Flre In. Co., The People's Flre Ins. Co., The CHIzena' Flre Ins. Co., The Westehester Flre Inn. Co.. The Milwnnkee Mechanlc's I'lre In Co.. The Xew Hainpshlre Flre In. Co., The Northwestern Flre lus. Co. Ratea Low. Losses llberally adjusted and pal promptly. We also issue Life and Investment Policies In the Conn, Mutual Life Insurance Company. Aswt J55,000,000. Persons desirlng Accident lnsuranoe. can have yearly Polldes wrttten ftr them ot Traveler's Coupon Insurance Tickets issned at lw Raten In the Ptandard Accident Insurance fompan' of Detroit, Mich. Money to Loan at Currar Raten. Offloe hours from 8 a. m. to 12 m. and il 5 P M Ilamllton A Oreen. fflTT'ï'TA'M '' Ho111" Shoei are VAUllUli wnrTanteil. and evcry pair :ui Uiri iinnip miel prlce Mfimpeu on bottom W. L. DOUCLAS $3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. Fine Calí and I.ncrd Waterproof Gruir.. The excellence and wearlng qualltlei of thls lho cannot be bettr Bhown than Dy the Btrong endorsements ot lts thousauds of constant wearers. le.OO Genuine Ilaml-nrwed, an legmnt and O BtT-llBh dress Shoe which commenúa ltaelf. tyl.OO Itnn.cwed Welt. A fine calí Shoe ♦ unequalled for Btvlo and durabilltjr. tO.SO Goodyear Welt Is the t&ndanl dress O Shoe, at a popular prlce. SQ.BO Folirrnian' Hhoe lsespeclaU adapted O for rallroad men, farmers, etc All modo la Coagress, Button and Lace. $3&$2SHOESlafd.Ís, nave beea most favorably reeelred Bince lntroduced and the recent lmprovements make tbem uperlor to any shoes sold ai these prlces. Aak your Dealer, and lf he cannc TOpply yon eud direct to factory encloslng adTertlsea prlce. or s postal for order blank. W. L. HOI.'GI.AS, Brockton, Mas. Kxmnlne W. I.. Douglas 82.00 Shoe for jontlenien aml leadles. WM. REI1THARDT L CO.. 42 N. MAIN STREET, Ann Arbor. FOR MEN ONLY! [vILBUPfTI JGeoeral and NERVOÜS DLBILITT Innril J ' I U I ' IWeakness of Body and Mind, Effectl PlItUal'llllr. Errora or Excessefl ín Oíd or Young. Itnliutl, Nohlt TUMHIODfallT llcilorf.l. How tnenlirtt ñi BlrfofithrnMKAIv, lM)KVr.l,l"t'KIKm.NS Jt I'AltTSÜK B01t. AK-mlutH nnf.Hlnï HOHK i lili A T K T-llonrílli lo d.y flvn tentlfy trota 50 NttcB and Forflo CounlHca. 1VrH tha Dexfrlpllie Itook, tiplnnuli jn and proof niatí-d (eild) trf aire. ERIK MEDICAL CO.. BUFf ALO. N. Y LOCAL OR" U TPAVELINQ. II to sell our Nursery Stock. Salary, Expenses Steady Employment guaranteed. uiisi; niiiiiiinisi.nii'iyv. ruic ncDCBi9onnie.nPhli'ie'v11 1 KlO HArtH"1"10 Newpaper .3--et I iíAÜ ',,,m?Sl' "■'■- - '-■ nt Mcssr H. W. AVER i. 9CN. ent autttuf H WÜ


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