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Real Estate Transfers

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The reul estáte transfers for the week emling January 15, were as followa: Garrv Briggs to Thomas Chambui Uin, land Bt nter-ectlon of "0." Street and railroad, Dexler viliage.aud otherlanJ on ibecommon corner of fcections 31 and 32, Webster, and 5 and 6, Scio $2,275 Mary A. Yager to (arry Brlgns, paris of lot 3 umi 4 block 4, Dexter vitlage 700 Caroline Bucooz toL. V. Millen, w J ', Iota 7 and 8,block4 range 11 E. Lawrence & Maynards' add and part of lot 8 block 4 n of Huron-st range 11 E Ann Arbor 2,000 Geo. M lier to Ann Arbor city, part of lot 10, block 24, Page fe Orinsbys' add, Ann Arbor 175 N. G. Kowler, to Jno. K, Fowler, part of lot 5 sec. 2, Dexter vlllage 100 Sarah M. Dlbble to V. andJ. McFadden, part of n w % fee. 9. Salera 200 V. 1', (irove8 to G. M. Henion, lots 5 and 11, block 6 ■, range 7 e, l.and ('o's add, Ann Arbnr 1,425 I.ulhcr James, by ex, to J. L. Babcock, lots 1, 2, I ), 10 ai](liartoflots3audl4, block 4 k, Uuron-st range 3 e, Ann Arbor 6,400 Catbcrine Krause to Jno. 8chleh, lot 21, Krause' add, Ann Arbor 1,100 Acnés Orenmltta to C. and H. H. Oversmith. Vi w '4 sec. IC; s e 14 b w 4 s w y% sec. 21; ii e 'i sek andn s e % s e % sec. 20; n % w %n w '.; cc. 21,Lharon '3,400 Chas. B VValworth to L. R, Hall, u w j u w ' '4 sec. 23. Manchester, etc 420 E. A. Golt to Wm. St. Clair, lot 8, Spring Illil add, Ann Arljor 260 Geo. Oburschmidt to i,.Oberschmidt,part ol n w '4 kcc. 18, Bridgewatur 825 A. II. KiMlon. trustee, to W. II. Davenport, land in sec. G, York, and lot 9, and 10, 11, 12, eec. 3, KiMlon's add. Saline village 475 I!. F. Küchin 10 W, H. Dn venport, u'ise'i sec. 17, also 1 acre on s side Chicago road, Saline 4,500 Emma J. Ashley to A. J. Sawyer, Ann Arbor City fiOO Moscs .-'ubolt to H. C. Exinger, Aun Arbor.. 700 Htinter and Turnbiill to Ann Arbor City 200 J. M. Hiebcr to J. Hulzel, Freedom 285 Frederick Klain,et Andrew Neff, Scio... 87ft Chas. Kuiler to Albcrt Pratt, Augusta 75 R. A. Kltcheson to Dclla Harria, Augusta 1,800 QU1T CLAIMS. Calhcrine Fritz to J. G. Fritz, pait of sec. 30, Ann Arbor town $ 1 Mary A. Clarkann to Allen Snelden, part of lot 2. block 2, Cowan'a flrat add, Manchester villagc 700 Juo. W. Mlnck to Ann Arbor city. land adjolnlng lot 13, block 1, Brown & Fuller's add. Ann Arbor 1 R.Kempf to Wm. fiacon, land In Congdon's add, Chelsea 1 Harrii'tGrovestoi;. Nf. Uunion, loUftand 11, block SS. rannu 7 e of Land Co's add, Ann Arbor.. I i