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Shortly after miilnight on Sunday morniny; last Chauncey H. Millen passed away. He was ill on!y fifteen minutes During the day he eornplalned of being cokl and said that t was rapossible lor him to get warm, hut n'ne Uionght that his condition was daugrous. The whole family spent the evening at. n small party and were horrified upon their return, to learn of the serious trouble from whieh Mr. Millen was suffering. Dr. Vaughu was summoried immediately, butnothing could be'done to save the patient's lKe. The causw of his death, bo far as the physicians could determine was kidney-asthina. Chauncey H. Millen was born in Newtown, Connecticut, in the year 1821. He carne to Michigan in 1835 and settled in Ann Arbor. Not long afterwards he went to Grand Haven, where he served as clerk. His health began to fail and in 1S39 his physician advised him to take a sea voyage. He went to the sea coast and took passage on a packet which sailed between BoAon and the West Indies. On the second voyage he showed Kuch progresa in seamanship that he was appointed second mate. He made several trips after thatto the West Indies and the Mediterranean. In the course of his voyages he stopped at Gibraltar several times, and other famous porte. Oa one occasion, during a heavy storm, he and the first mate, were swept overboard from thejib. Mr. Millen had presence of linil enough to dive down and let the ship pass ovr him, and thus he escaped in safety. The first mate, however, was struck by the packet and killed. Shortly after this the captain feil sick and Mr. Millen took complete charge of the ship, safely guidinj; it to its destinatioru By this time he had regained his foruier health and he therefore gave up the sailor's life. He tlien returned to Ann Arbor and became a member of the firm of C. B. Thompson & Co-, who carried oa a dry goods store on the site of the present Bach, Abel & Co., establishment. ín 1855 he purchased the interest of Philip Bach in the business. He remained in the store unfil 187Ö, and s-inoe then he has devoted his attention tofire insuranee. For over forty-two years he has represented the Home Insurance Company in thia city. He was the oldest age nt in the state. Mr. Millen was a very publio-spiriteil man and from the earliest day wasconnected withniany Ann Arbor ent erprists, He was for a time treasurerof the old plank road to S.iliue. He was one of the founders of both the First National and the Farmers and Mehanies banks. He was one of the original projectors and trustees of the Forest Hill Cemetery company. He was treasurer of the Toledo &Ann Arbor raüway com. any, when that Corporation was organized and subscriptions were being taken. He was an active member of St. Andrew's church and when the new edifice was erected in 1867 he donated one tenth of the requisite funds. Dur ing the first term of President Grant's administration he was collector of internal revenue for this district. Mr. Millen leaves two children : Charles S. Millen, of this city, and Mrs. I. Giles Lewis, of Chicago. He also leaves two brothers, one of wi.'om, Daniel S., resides at Ann Arbor, and the other, Philo B , at Manchester. The funeral services, according to the wish of the deceased, were held at St. Andrew's church. Bishop Gillespie, who was an intímate friend of Mr. Millen, assisted by Rev. Henry Tatlock, conducted the services. The ful] vested choir furnibhedthe music. The church was filled with the friends of the de ceased, many of whom followed the remains to the cemetery. The following relatives from abroad were present at the funeral: Philo B. Millen and wife, C.H. Millen, jr., and wife, Chas. Btillard and wife, of Manchester; Mrs. Julia A. Pitkin, Gilbert P., and MissEmily Pitkin, of Petrolia, Canada; Mr. and Mrs. I. Giles Lewi?, of Hyde Park, Illinois; II. Roys, of Parwell, Mirh ; Mr. and Mrs. Edgar White, of Port Huron. The following centiemen acted as honorary pall bearers: E. B. Pond, Philip Bach, W. I). Harriman, Edward Dufly," W. W. Whedon and J. M. Wheeler. The active bearers were: J. T. Jacobs, N. H. Kyer, Evart H. Soott, E. B. Hall, Edward Eoberts, ü. F. Schatrer.


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