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Shaking Up The Stoltd And Indifferent

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Ekítorof Register: It sepin to me that ?he time has üiht more come for the jr.u:ti-;il demontration of wtiat we as a muni'-'pality can, outdit, and must do if we wish the name of onr fair city to stand untarnishd, a monument ol honor and cleanliness, and a blessing to th county, state and country. It ís a well kno-Mi fait that nearly furty (rsonH are willing to pay a few hiindred dollars each for permission toengagein a business obnoxious tonine-tenthsof the city. They take from our laboring man bis bard weekly earnings, from our mercbants profits which wou!i ctherwise accrue to ibem, ourrich and apparently well to-do and respectable men their wealth and honor, at the same time depriving the wife, mother and cliildren of their company, and ofien of the necessities of life and of the peace and happiness of home. And what do we get in return? The moi-t awful affair at the present time, the many others in the past, and the dragging down of our youth, young men, middle and old aged to shame and dishonor, and to a drunkard's grave. Is our city run by a government so stolid, so indifferent thatit will practically say, "Do your worst and we will support you"?


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