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DYKIX, CleaniriR and Repairing CIi neatly done by Mits. D. Madary, 8 N Fiflh-t. Prices lowest and m st fastidtous work. 44 In.TíI' rtoNM in Pastei, Charcoal, Crayon and OU Palntlngü, by Mn J. f!. Vi.wer. at 25 Spring 't. Term-, lïfiv cents per lessnn of three hou re. Examine worí i I 41 Bt l; deslrousol living the rniverHy, I oílVr i i ex e Innige lor ji revideDct lü the City of Ann Arhor, a fine iioine in theenterprising ci'y ot Biitilc Creek, beau il'ully hihI conrenlentiy luoatert ion Jefiúñoust, 199) and wonh abual Addrets or ciül on Kusm.11 ('. ttseye, Dexter. Hiob. Is'i' - a iruiik deliverod t tbe j last Sunday. 'ihe finii' r wül c -nfer a favor by reporting to J. K. öumner, B LOK 778 atre plnntulon ' oloely located ncr Amella ('onn Va. It has the best of soil and tooil linibt-r. and is nicely watertd with tprin and broks anJ stuek. il withh'sh. Is Agoid grain and wouldmake aRnodtoe farm. Good home markt-t al Kichmond and f'om there gooil baat cummunication to Washington. Balii'iiore, Norfolk, New 'ork. and other ood points. lake the year ihrouRh tbere b no bealtbler or pleaanter enmate than that part of (tld Virginia Titie perfect, no incnm bram-es Fur c&sb value. tra dollars au acre. I will pay difference, or if m my favor will fïive 5, 1U. 15. or O year time. I wisb to f xchange for a farm - one near Anu Arbor or Ypsilan i preferred. Address J. B. Delbridge, 493 TrumbullAvenue. Detroit.


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