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OUR 25 CENT COLUMN. Adyeitlsements, sueh as To Rent, For Sale and Wants, not exceeding three unes, can be Inserted threc weeks (or 25 ent. WANTEil. WANT ED- A young borse from four to slx yeara old, gentle and kind. J. H NIekels 44 S. State 8t. L) WANTED- 974 bushels ofunleached wood ashes and will pay flve cents per bushei, cash. Drop a postal with street and number. B. J. Conrad. 40 ANTKD. IMMEDIATEXY - TwTor three good Girl. to do general housework. Inquire at Mra. Snyder's, No. 7 Maynard st. 39 FOK SAI.E. l?OK NAI.E- Sixtyacre Farm, 4 miles from r Ann Arbor. $2,000 down. balance at flve per cent. Addre8s Box 1876, A. F. Smith. 39 JjMR XÁ I.E- Three young horets 4 to 6 years r old. Weight about 1200. Geo. Seatolt.Town Line, Dexter road. 40 iOK vAl.K - Second hand square piano for r sale chean. Frederick Sehinid, 48 Fifthave. orf4S. Maiu-i-1 40 FpOKSAJL,-:- Farm for sale orexchangeforcity proper'y. Inquire at 31 Thompson st, 42 tfOR 8 E (HE4P-A Phaeton- almost new Inquire at thls office. 39 ÍpOR NAI.K (IK ÏXCHAXJE-557 acre 1 farm. Good buildings, near depot - 60 m. to Washington, $10 per acre. Address U. O. BuntlDg, Guineys. Caroline Co., Va. 49 If I IC si.y. OR HKNT- Several good r houses In central pa I of the city. One well adapted for sudents1 society house. Énqulre of J. Q. A. Bcsalons. Atty., No. 5 N. Main-at. tf_ LMR ü.LE UR KXIII ANÜE- Seven acres r of good Land, House and Barn, for a larger farm. Inquire of or address George Menes, half mil e north of Dezter. 41 Í1OR SA Eightyacre Farm ; good soll and comfortable buildings; half milt' from Baldwln county seat of Lake oounty, Mieh. Good school, two rallroads, roller grist mili. etc. Price, 8800 one quarter down, balance $100 per year. Address lock box 57, or Inquire of Emmett Coon, Ham'lton Park. Aan Arbor. 41 FOR RENT. tOR REKT- Houseon West Liberty!. Price Í1.60 per week. Inquire at Eb.r White's place 44 fiOR KKNf- New House on Summittt 1 Inquire at City Mills. 41 HOR RENT- Two Flats, and eeveral suites o rooms, in the new Sager block, Jv á. Statest. Inquire at 18 S. State. 28tf W ISCF.I.I.A KOUS. LOST- A fraternlty pin and chain with ray name on the back. Finder piense leave ita Si á. Thayer.kt. aud be rewarded. El Kirtlau 1 40 On New Yrar's night near Nickel's hall, a Hyiiies bracete t set in silver. Finder wlllbeliberally rewirded by leaving it at 9 S State-st. 40 K KNI'KAl, MII.LM Bucïwheat Flour the best in the wor!d If your grocor does not keep it in stock, send your order to the mili AllmendlcgeriStSchneider. 28tf tí Olí . II- On the eve. of the .'Sth of I)e'ember a black and tan Dog ; owner xn have him by proving property and paying for 1 is "ad." Inquire at Moore S Taber's book store. 39 POK RE -Two suites of wiÏÏ furnished T rooms. 2 Observatory-st : ! THE MEHLIN PIANO. ! Very Highest Grade. AL1 MESD1XGER PIANO AND ORGAN CO., j Orneral Agents. ;TheMehlinPiano' Merits Examination. } ALLMENDI5ÏGER PIANO ANDORGAS CO. - f General Agents. ) iiiiti.'iiniTitiiii:i[iitM-iiittmH!i.titriiMii,iii[imiiNii'iiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiitii!i!iiHf!i'f -THE MEHLIN PIANO1 Prices Reasoniible. Quality Highest. I ALLMENDINGER PIANO AND ORGAN Co., I General Agents. uim.,:ui!iim:iii[iiiijjHitiiii!!i)ii!:ii wmmmtmmÊÊmam mum ITHE MEHLIN PIANolj 'I v {Do not let prejudice prevent an Examination.'j 1} v j ALLMENDINGER PIANO & ORGAN CO., U General Ag'nt. i ! The Mehlin Piano! JEVEltY KlfOWy IMPItOrEXENT. ALLMENDINGER PIANO AND ORGA.N CO . General Agents. yí gflOCO CKX OOOOOMKOOOOOOOOOOOO .OOCOOOOOOOOOOOOÜOOO0 %-THE MEHL1X ■ I ALLMENDINGER PIANO & ORGAN CO., B Gen. IFJioiesalfi aud Itetatl AgentSf g Ann Arbor, Mich. O000 00000 f'OOOOO OlWOC0O0OTO00DO0O0i THE MEHLIíT pñHa]j ji Guarantied Six Years ( ALLMENDINGBR PIANO & OBGAN CO , ''{ A Griteral Agenta. Y ♦ - The Mehlin Piano - Manufacture;! by a Company whose .v. Cai.ital is $000,000.00. ALLM ENDINO ER PIANO & ORGAN CO. General Afeuls. ♦ i 5 ????? ??? ????? - -THE MEHLIN - See H! Try lt! Bny It! ALLMENDINGER PIANO & ORGAN CO., " Qmneral Agenta b o ó A


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