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The Secret Out

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Berlín, Jan. 18.- Prof. Koch's secret is out at last. The famous bacteriologist has made public in the Medical Journal the ingTedients of his remedy for consumption. The doctor adraits tht his lymph is composed of pure generated tuberculosis bacilla in a solution of gflyoerine, whieh latter forms from 40 to 50 por cent. of the compound. The lymph, he says, is a derivation of albumen, and he aoknowledgea that it contains a m.-iss of necrotio substanoe that attacks even certain sound tissues of the body whon injected. Prof. Koch, in his communie:) 1 i m ;- liiiown the composltion of the famons curative lymph, bs tor as I hove been able to review the many statements publlshed and communicatlons rceelved, my lndications have been fully and completely conflrmed. The general consonsus of tho opinions thus expresied is that tho remedj has a speciflc eflect upon the tubercular tissues and in, tluTcfore, appllcable as a very flellcate and suro ajii-nt for the diecovery uf hitcnt and the diagnosis ol dmibtful tubercular processes. Most of tho reports recelved agree that many of the patlrnta havo shown more or lens pro nounecil imiirovcment. In a few cases even a cure has been efTertoil. 'After sufnclent confirmatory testing, tho importance of the romedy Is proved. My next task Is to Cïtend my study of the romedy beyond the flelfl where lt has hltherto been applled, and lf posslblo to apply the principie undorlylng the dlseovery to other dlseases."


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